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  1. NaNoW's Avatar
    Oh yes......he's back.........hopefully... !

    you should do more of these...

  2. Deadly Shadow's Avatar
    Hahaha...Great comeback post! You are right about glasses, they can make or break your 'look', so to speak.
  3. Spartan 117's Avatar

    Awesome blog dude.
  4. assasin42o's Avatar
    Great to hear from you Crash! Love your blogs. And again, well written. You really make the reader feel yourself in your shoes.

    You're a really lucky guy to be around so much babes, and that trampoline picture you just drew in my mind, oooo Boy! (Btw your wife doesn't mind your interaction with women friends?? >.>)
  5. Gizmo's Avatar
    your first blog post after over a year. You should post more.
  6. krazyhamad420's Avatar
    Oh My God .. What a Hilarious blog .. and I am counting my days till 40
  7. afeef's Avatar
    Damn no more erections after 35?
  8. Ottoman's Avatar
    Hahaha another legendary blog post by safriz! We missed you man.
  9. ryu696's Avatar
    18 till i die gonna be 18 till i die.......sure feels good to be alive sumday ill be 18 goin on 55....
  10. IzHee's Avatar
    That means i have still 17 years left.
  11. CrashBandicoot's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Benighted
    Aren't you married?
    My friend..Try to read from a man's point of view....Not married or virgin
  12. Benighted's Avatar
    Aren't you married?
  13. FlAmEsWoRd's Avatar
  14. FlAmEsWoRd's Avatar
    seriously i was so intrested in reading it after the spoiler i was like,lol :P
  15. manwithgun007's Avatar
    nice i really liked this blog
  16. hamad khan's Avatar
    it is true story i belive on him
  17. ShayneThill's Avatar
    As its name indicates, it is used to block gps signals, which is similar with wifi jammer.
    Updated 17-10-13 at 07:14 AM by ShayneThill
  18. janise koestner's Avatar
    Well, gold prospecting and treasure hunting is harder than you think. metal detecting is something more than a good metal detector. I found Besides owning a good metal detector, the most important thing is that you should be very patient. Because you will find much more scraps than treasures.
    Updated 15-08-13 at 08:18 AM by janise koestner
  19. janise koestner's Avatar
    I found this days many people was troubled by gps jammers. Anyone could tell what is that device or what is it used for?
    Updated 14-08-13 at 10:48 AM by janise koestner
  20. tigerman's Avatar
    Great blogs, wish u write them daily.........but really saddened at your revelation that you have been depressed. Hope things turn out better for you in future and u never cease to write blogs for us....cya
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