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Thoughts of the schizophrenic

For those who can read.

  1. Snow snow go away

    I am sat next to the heater as its freezing outside..Its been snowing since yesterday and having a foot of snow in central Manchester is a bit unusual..Doesnt happen every year.The main roads are ok to drive butthe side roads are full of snow,and most drivers in this country dont have much experience of driving in snow and there have been many accidents.Government is asking people to stay home unless really necessary,many schoold are closed.Thats good news for kids and bad news for parents . ...

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  2. Of ego and arm pits

    When a woman wants to woo men,she loses weight..Many end up looking like a Lizard.When a man want to attract women,he buys an expensive if he can afford..For the poor younger men who still insist on trying to be attractive for women,one of the most popular options is to grow some muscles.
    Myself i never had to go out and date a woman(thanks God for that),mainly because i was lucky enough to get married at the right age,and my parents did a very good job in finding a match for me.

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  3. Wife burners

    The kerosene oil or paraffin oil stove has been responsible for many deaths and family break ups.Luckily its not used anymore,and natural gas has replaced it.But the carelessness of many women while going to the kitchen,still churns out numerous accidents.Specially their unsafe dressing.
    Unlike western countries we are shy of taking any precautionary measures,such as keeping a fire extinguisher or a fire blanket in the kitchen.
    Both if these items don't cost much,and can save lives. ...

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  4. Inner space 3

    Continuation of previous blogs

    Wasim: But you are human,how can you fed on light. Don't we humans feed on earthly materials,because we are made of earth?

    Old man”:That's true,but there is a light of immense strength residing inside us. Our souls. Soul is the cause of life. Nobody could ever define life. There is no other definition of life. If the soul is there life is there. No soul,no life. Some of us choose to strengthen the soul to an ...

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  5. Inner space 2

    Continuation of a previous blog post

    The area was densely populated,with many narrow roads going in all directions. He spent an hour walking in random directions,looking for the old man. Then he asked a shop keeper. He explained the appearance of the old man. The shop keeper looked at him with a smirk on his face,and told him that if he can wait until mid day,he will see the old man towing a string laced with empty tin cans. The shop keeper said that the old man has been towing the

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