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    That is how one can understand and recognize this segment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Amnanafees
    lol hahahahhahHH
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    For more detailesvist site
  5. Amnanafees's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by mac007
    what do u know power of internet
  6. opethian's Avatar
    but what about CIA card ... clickbait
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    Hi I want to buy xbox japser
  8. NaNoW's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Benighted
    How do we know if that's real..
    Ben sometimes you avatar makes so much sense...
  9. Benighted's Avatar
    How do we know if that's real..
    Updated 12-07-16 at 11:48 PM by Benighted
  10. cobby's Avatar
    im thinking of asking for a dollar or 2 , by posting lonely and poor ,maybe will get 1000 or something (just joking)

    The power of internet really works well in USA but not much in other countries cause here people hate if common person get famous
  11. mac007's Avatar
    what do u know power of internet
  12. CrashBandicoot's Avatar
    The original FB post which caused all this
  13. CrashBandicoot's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by NaNoW
    awesome to see you here again man
    Thanks. I know I should do better than 0.28 posts per day.
  14. NaNoW's Avatar
    awesome to see you here again man
  15. tigerman's Avatar
    Well Safriz, its your posts that bring me here else I've no interest in gaming. Your one blog per year policy needs to change. At least one blog per week is what we need. Now your wisdom is debatable. If we "make ourselves something" during those 20 years then we'd miss all the fun we could have in those 20 years. AND if you're single, tell us what you say about Russell saying that without kids, you're biologically doomed. Thank you.
  16. NaNoW's Avatar
    This is indeed interesting..didnt knew this could happen.
    But I am sure that the govt. wont act on it, unless you really are trying to cause like massive trouble ?
  17. cobby's Avatar
    Guys , the msg is also keep on exercising or engage in physical sports so that if u reach 40 u have that jiz thing in you
  18. XAINEEE's Avatar
    A nice post. For the life of me I cannot see beyond the next week. I have absolutely no idea how or where I will be at 40 (provided I make it to 40- God willing).
  19. lakers808's Avatar
    Awesome post man! I guess I'll be more pessimistic and crestfallen than you when I reach 17 years time
  20. DarkLordMalik's Avatar
    Nice blog man. Loved reading it, and it was interesting to say the least. Enjoyed your insight on what you felt after getting old. Not that I think I will have the exact same feelings/experience like you, but it should be a good enough indication of what to expect once we grow old .
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