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  1. The Situation isn't all that gloomy.

    Corruption, unemployment, poverty, terrorism (Trust me, I can go on and on): These are the words that come to one's mind when he/she hears the name of Pakistan. The situation these days suggests that the country is on the verge of systemic collapse. However, the situation isn't all that gloomy. If you look at some of the most developed nations of the world, you will see that many of them have already gone through all this. Take a look at France, one of the most developed and powerful nations of ...
  2. Will the Libyan "revolution" benefit the Libyans?

    We all know that Colonel Gadhafi has been killed and Libya is now free from his long rule. However, I wholeheartedly believe that this was the worst possible way for it to have happened. I never expected NATO intervention. At first I thought that Libya was on the right track, going through a revolution. But NATO intervention changed my mind. We all know why the West intervened. They were offended by the oil trade which linked Libya with Russia. The United States and other nations clearly did not ...
  3. Sufism and the the Sufis' ways of thinking..

    You guys might have read Safriz's (CrashBandicoot's) series of blog posts INNER SPACE.
    I can sense that his ideas are inspired by Sufism. However, I am not writing this blog in response to Safriz's blog posts but in fact I am going to share the Sufis' way of thinking which you all might know is completely different from orthodox Islam. Keep in mind that I am not against the Sufis I am just sharing this piece of information for those who are not yet aware of their ways.
    The reason is

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    Personal Diary
  4. What an idiotic reason to rip people off.

    So I went to the taylor to get some sort of lace attached on my mom's new dress. He did the work in a matter of minutes. When I asked for his charges, he told me that the bill was Rs 700 WTF! I asked him kay bhai, why so much money just to do something which requires almost no effort. His reply was an idiotic one: "Bhai Cheeni mehangi ho gayi hai".
    Now in what way is sugar related to attaching a lace to a dress? Can anyone of you tell me? I threw 3 laal note on his face ...
  5. Mysterious disappearings in my house.

    Ever since grade 4 I have been facing strange incidents. Ever since then, my stuff has been disappearing completely. I do not know how such incidents have occurred.
    The first time I experienced such incident was when my geography book disappeared mysteriously. It was a day before my Geography test and I had to revise my lessons. I searched everywhere but to no avail. I had put the book in my cupboard as I could remember. But my mom scolded me for being a careless kid. I had to listen to ...

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