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  1. Why PakGamers was down?

    When the PakGamers was down I saw many people on facebook and on few other forums & facebook talking about PG downtime like few thought that we got hacked, I didn't not paid the bills, data has been lost like of 2007 event etc but none of such thing has happend. The real story is like this:

    1 - The old server got bottleneck because of increasing resources demand of PG including bandwidth, more CPU load, memory and worst of all network utilization. The whole situation rise so sudden ...
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  2. Team PG - Geek Squad

    If you got any of these skills:

    - Web Development (PHP + MySQL) (Ajax - Optional)
    - Web Design (HTML, CSS, Web 2.0 info, Javascript etc)
    - Graphics Designing (Photoshop - know how to make web graphics, banners, slicing layouts, web elecments etc)
    - Animator (Flash)

    Then let me know, we are building a Team-PG sub group which will be consist of technical team and will be responsible for PG development and technical administration etc. PM me your details ...
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  3. PakGamers Front-End - Need Suggestions

    Ok, I need opinions of the people who are from the web development/designing field. Since we don't have any technical team behind PG i-e from web devleopment background (other then me) and unfortunately I left the development and designing field years ago and now working in completely different field + I usually remain busy that's why I since last 12 months we were unable to pulled out progress for the PakGamers front-end development which is quite a embracement.

    So what we are looking ...
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  4. Looks Like 2007 is a worst year for me :(

    Old memories always leaves some delightful marks I have found something which I thought about sharing here as it was a turning point for the PG existance.

    Here's the page which is still available online which I uploaded on a free hosting website back in the start of 2007 for notifying the members about PG's shutdown and at that time I was also in the middle of my engineering 3rd semester final exams.

    You can also see from the ...
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  5. PG Upgrade gone bad, really? Think again then

    I am seeing people shouting "this upgrade suck", "add old theme back" etc which is quite weird, but there is a reaon behind it most of the people who are complaining about the upgrade are the people with either with old systems or displays which are not calibrated properly and using a resolution of 1024 or less. Well in that case I can't really help them out since we can't give preference to minority over the majority who are happy with the upgrade.

    I accept there ...

    Updated 25-01-10 at 04:53 AM by iNF3RN0 (fix : posts link color)

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