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iNF3RN0's Diary

You'll find lots of interesting facts, news and information about Pakgamers here from your friendly admin iNF3RN0

  1. A Gift - NECA Marcus Fenix 12 Inch Action Figure

    Yesterday I got a surprise gift (NECA Marcus Fenix 12 Inch Action Figure) + a buffet dinner from my very close friend who is also a silent member of PakGamers, to be honest I wasn't expecting that she will going to give me Marcus Fenix action figure as she's not into gaming that much but apparently she did it BTW this treat was due as she recently got a very nice job

    So here are the pictures of this lovely action figure..the details are impressive and the figure itself is heavy ...
  2. Neet mini HDMI auto switch - connect Xbox, PS3 and Laptop together

    It was getting really annoying for me to change the hdmi cable every time from one device to another in order to select the output between xbox 360, PS3 and my Laptop on the LCD screen. There are many cheap converters available as well, but I can tell you none of them works perfectly, some just give the blurry picture, some add ghosting or just don't do 1080p.

    After doing some ...
  3. Why PakGamers was down?

    When the PakGamers was down I saw many people on facebook and on few other forums & facebook talking about PG downtime like few thought that we got hacked, I didn't not paid the bills, data has been lost like of 2007 event etc but none of such thing has happend. The real story is like this:

    1 - The old server got bottleneck because of increasing resources demand of PG including bandwidth, more CPU load, memory and worst of all network utilization. The whole situation rise so sudden ...
    PG News
  4. Unboxing my first guitar (YAMAHA F310)

    I was looking for buying a guitar since ages but due to lack of information (I am a complete guitar noob) and also due to lack of time I canceled my plan of buying a guitar. But recently when I was getting freakin bore and feeling quite lonely (due to home sickness here in UK) my father suggested me on skype to get a guitar in order to fight my boredom and home sickness that's how I got my first ever guitar on my father advice lets see if I can learn it or not :S oh well I will going ...
    Personal Diary , Music
  5. Amsterdam quick facts

    Yep, my this simple T-shirt which I bought from Amsterdam few days ago explains all. Amsterdam is a place where sex and drugs are totally legal it's a awesomely wild party place if you ask me in 10 euros you can get the best weed or space cakes and in 50 euros you can do pretty crazy stuff oh yeah if you want coffee then goto cafe and if you want weed and hash then goto coffee shop

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