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  1. Yello Magazine

    Yello Magazine

    A Hoarding Caught my attention "yello indispensable guide to Karachi" which i first thought its Derived form of Yellow Pages and related to it, Still checked the site and my assumption was wrong it was Magazine about karachi life hang out , eating out , about culture, fashion, entertainment and visual arts , which was quite unique for me to have such sort of magazine i might be wrong ...

    Updated 20-01-12 at 12:56 PM by Pleasant

    Personal Diary
  2. Do We Call ourselves Muslim .... ?

    I was Wiling to write on it from past days But was not free to finally got few minutes
    this thing all ways pops up in my mind daily do we call our selves Muslim ?
    Whenever I go to market buying something Goods are available there at different prices
    And you pay the High price because the guy you were dealing he assured you that he is selling you the Genuine Thing and Good quality stuff that is why he is charging you more
    You paid his Demanded money by believing on ...
  3. Nano Suit isn't Far from Reach

    Everyone knows Crysis nano suit and its abilities you saw in game last time i was mentioning in a thread it was regarding something like why people play unreal game
    and people replied all the games are unreal offcourse they are unreal but as soon as technology is expanding unreal things becoming reality what we used to think and see in the movies and games
    and now becoming true the Lightsaber has been made as well that we see in games / movies
    I previously said in that thread ...
  4. Ufone Dirty Tactics or Someone's Miss Management ? II

    So here is the Second phase sorry for the late got too much busy in some freelance work
    so as representative gave me some near by location of there office
    As I live near Gulshan So there Office Near Centrum Shopping was the nearest for me so I went there
    Told them my story
    They said sorry Sir Our system is down right now we cant help you out
    I shouted what should I do my number is being ported out and I don't have much time left what will I do if the signals ...
    Personal Diary
  5. Ufone Dirty Tactics or Someone's Miss Management ? I

    Today i woke up after tiring work did last day
    Had A Breakfast switched On The PC Started overclocking the processor
    Suddenly I got the message at my Warid Sim
    “Dear Customer This is To Inform you that Warid has received your MNP request from UFONE.”
    I was shocked and Panic What the Heck ?
    I haven't applied for any thing like that
    Called The warid Help Line and talked to Customer care representative
    He Said yes we have your ...
    Personal Diary
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