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Memoirs of a Cricket fanatic

  1. Ta'leem-o-Tarbiat - A stroll through Nostalgia

    Yes, I'm talking about that children's magazine which was (and still is) published monthly. "Ta'leem-o-Tarbiat "(ToT) was an important part of life during my childhood years. Ferozsons Ltd. claims it is children's first regular magazine ever published in Pakistan. And that claim might be true after all because this was the favourite reading pastime of every adult I know.

    Eagerly anticipating the postman to deliver it at the start of every month and finishing it in one sitting ...
  2. Spirit of Independence

    August 14, Pakistan's Yaum e Azadi, is two days away. Apart from the date, there's little indication from our surroundings that Independence Day is near.

    August 14th used to be a big occasion during my childhood years. I remember my grandfather taking us to the market and making us buy all sorts of things that were relevant to that special day. The market place used to, literally, become green when August started and there was so much variety to choose from. We were given a free ...

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    Personal Diary
  3. The art of learning

    This email was sent by a respected Professor to students of the Sciences batch in our university a couple of years back. Just came across it and considered it worthy of sharing.

    I would highly recommend students to go through it and try to understand the gist of the email. It's hard-hitting but very relevant to our times.
    Pasting it here in its original form

    ďA lot of students have been asking for past papers or practice exam questions for the mid term and final
  4. Chaand si bahu

    An oft heard comment in tv dramas and also, although less often used, in real life. A fool might argue that it refers to craters on the Moon but I highly doubt that.

    This age-old obsession with white skin is largely a Sub-continent thing. It's a trend in the UK and the US amongst expats that they prefer to marry a Caucasian Muslim-revert woman as opposed to one from his own community. In this part of the world, there's a race to trap a Chand si larki, be it for marriage or time-pass ...

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  5. A journey through Pakistan Cricket

    This is my first ever blog so I would advise you all to kindly bear with me

    My earliest recollection of cricket goes back to 1997 when I witnessed Ijaz Ahmed aka "The Butcher" blowing away the Indians at Lahore with a brutal knock of 138*. I wasn't much introduced to cricket before then, having spent most of my early childhood in England and then Saudi Arabia

    The Pakistan vs India, Chennai test of 1999 was the moment I was formally introduced to cricket and ...

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