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My Urdu videos about Pakistani defence capabilities

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About an year ago I ended up with lots of free time and not much to do,as I had to stay home caring for a close family member who were going through health related difficulties. It was a stressful experience for me all along, but ended well as the person I was taking care of, fully recovered.

During the same time another online community I had been part of, asked me to look into the possibility of making explanatory videos about Pakistan's defence capabilities with special focus on the country's nuclear arsenal.
The idea was to make an informative video in Urdu language, explaining complex technologies in the simplest way possible.
So that the masses can understand and appreciate our national achievements.
So it began. Being a noob in video editing softwares and not having studio quality audio equipment had it's draw backs.
The videos I made weren't flashy, without music,but the information conveyed are as authentic as they can be in a video of this sort being released in the public domain.
On average one minute of the video took me an hour or more to research, translate in Urdu and the record with appropriate visuals.
I made a series of videos and uploaded on various platforms including YouTube.
Here is one such video which is probably the most famous with quarter of a million views and many comments I never read.
Overall the experience was a great distraction from harsh realities I was going through at the time and gave me 2000 subscribers on my YouTube channel.
It's unfortunate that despite multiple requests about making videos on various related technologies, I won't be able to make anymore.

Here is an idea. Try making your own Urdu videos / Vlogs about subject of your interest and post here.
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  1. NaNoW's Avatar
    awesome to see you here again man
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  2. CrashBandicoot's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by NaNoW
    awesome to see you here again man
    Thanks. I know I should do better than 0.28 posts per day.
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