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Thoughts of the schizophrenic

40 winters ago

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I recently crossed my 40 year stay on planet earth. here are some updates.
According to my country of residence's law i had to go through an "Over 40s" medical check.All results came normal except my Blood cholesterol which is a bit high. I don't eat much fat or fried food,and i am not over weight. Doctor says the high cholesterol is due to my high intake of sugar and not much physical activity as sugar intake needs to be consumed by physical activity or body releases insulin in large quantities which somehow increases blood cholesterol.
So that's a warning for all you gamers who sit on your bottoms all day gobbling up half a dozen coke/pepsi 2litre bottles.

What else has changed? Apparently my hormones are no more raving and i don't feel the jizz anymore when i see "dat ass". My neighbor's 17 year old daughter can jump all she wants on her trampoline,wearing crop top low cut,getting all sweaty,but to me reading the news paper while sipping my coffee in my garden is more important than checking her out.
This had strange results.Now i have more female friends than i ever had,and some of them are really hot.
It turns out that women feel more comfortable around a man who is not desperate and can talk to them as person rather than an object of sexual pleasure. Couple of years ago i had difficulty concentrating on what the hot girl in front me is saying,and my mind used to get distracted thinking about her "other features". But now that i have calmed down a lot,i can have good interesting conversation with woman without getting distracted by....her bra size. Now i hang out with women half my age. But will i get laid? Chances are as remote as finding alien life in Antarctica.Not that i am looking for that type of companionship.

Finally i have a nice set of spectacles sat on my nose. I look a bit more learned and intellectual.

Words of wisdom: Your life starts at 15 and ends at those 20 years and make yourself something.
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Updated 19-06-14 at 07:41 PM by CrashBandicoot

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  1. Benighted's Avatar
    Aren't you married?
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  2. CrashBandicoot's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Benighted
    Aren't you married?
    My friend..Try to read from a man's point of view....Not married or virgin
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  3. IzHee's Avatar
    That means i have still 17 years left.
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  4. ryu696's Avatar
    18 till i die gonna be 18 till i die.......sure feels good to be alive sumday ill be 18 goin on 55....
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  5. Ottoman's Avatar
    Hahaha another legendary blog post by safriz! We missed you man.
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  6. afeef's Avatar
    Damn no more erections after 35?
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  7. krazyhamad420's Avatar
    Oh My God .. What a Hilarious blog .. and I am counting my days till 40
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  8. Gizmo's Avatar
    your first blog post after over a year. You should post more.
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  9. assasin42o's Avatar
    Great to hear from you Crash! Love your blogs. And again, well written. You really make the reader feel yourself in your shoes.

    You're a really lucky guy to be around so much babes, and that trampoline picture you just drew in my mind, oooo Boy! (Btw your wife doesn't mind your interaction with women friends?? >.>)
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  10. Spartan 117's Avatar

    Awesome blog dude.
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  11. Deadly Shadow's Avatar
    Hahaha...Great comeback post! You are right about glasses, they can make or break your 'look', so to speak.
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  12. NaNoW's Avatar
    Oh yes......he's back.........hopefully... !

    you should do more of these...

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  13. DarkLordMalik's Avatar
    Nice blog man. Loved reading it, and it was interesting to say the least. Enjoyed your insight on what you felt after getting old. Not that I think I will have the exact same feelings/experience like you, but it should be a good enough indication of what to expect once we grow old .
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  14. lakers808's Avatar
    Awesome post man! I guess I'll be more pessimistic and crestfallen than you when I reach 17 years time
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  15. XAINEEE's Avatar
    A nice post. For the life of me I cannot see beyond the next week. I have absolutely no idea how or where I will be at 40 (provided I make it to 40- God willing).
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  16. cobby's Avatar
    Guys , the msg is also keep on exercising or engage in physical sports so that if u reach 40 u have that jiz thing in you
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  17. tigerman's Avatar
    Well Safriz, its your posts that bring me here else I've no interest in gaming. Your one blog per year policy needs to change. At least one blog per week is what we need. Now your wisdom is debatable. If we "make ourselves something" during those 20 years then we'd miss all the fun we could have in those 20 years. AND if you're single, tell us what you say about Russell saying that without kids, you're biologically doomed. Thank you.
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