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One of those days... Part 1

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There are days in your life that you remember forever, because they were unique and different, in a good or bad way. You remember them because they symbolize something for you… Some facts, or beliefs. Life can be a bitch sometimes, that’s a fact, and today I’m going to share with you the story of a day which reminded me of this fact.

Its won’t start with something like ‘I was young boy when…’. Why? Because what I’m going to share here happened only a couple of days back. The memory is still fresh and my shoulders’ still aching. And here we go…

It all started as a normal Thursday morning. During this summer semester, I have only taken one course – Calculus. This course is a nightmare for me, the only one I’ve ever failed in (more times than I care to admit). Why? Because I refused to study it, or attend its classes. I don’t know why I did that but well… No point in crying over spilt milk. So anyways, during these summers, I decided to actually attend all classes, give all quizzes and submit all the assignments. Things are going great; I have the highest marks in my class.

So anyways, I was going to the university in my car. It’s a 1998/99 Corolla XE fitted with a CNG Kit and a GLI 1.6L Engine. The car is good enough, and works fine. I left home at 8, since I had an extra class starting at 9, and it usually takes about 50 minutes to get to my uni (H9, Islamabad) from home (Wah Cantt). Everything seemed fine. The rainy weather made the drive even more enjoyable. I listened to Eminem/Lil Wayne’s Drop the World a couple of times before realizing that the car’s battery was not fully charged and the bass sucked. I turned the music off. Just as I reached Peshawar Moar (ISB), the Red Indicator in the dashboard turned on, which according to my brother meant that the battery was low on charge. It didn’t bother me since that had happened before several times, with no severe consequences. I got to uni, parked the car, went to my class.

Our teacher, a rather young Mathematics Major from Punjab University, is very nice. She keeps the class alive, unlike our previous doctorate teacher (he was nice, but for some reason I always felt the urge to fall asleep in his class). The class was supposed to go on from 9-1 (with a 30 minute break at 10). After a LOT of calculus, the teacher decided to let us off 30 minutes early for the first time in the semester. For some reason, we HATE doing things that are supposed to do us good, like studying. I was a happy, happy man.

It was raining outside; just what I wanted. I like driving in rain. Without even going into the main uni building, I went straight to the parking (saying hi to a couple of friends on the way) and got into my car. It started without any problem, however the red light was still on. Again, it didn’t bother me. Once I left uni, I set the wiper blades to auto but they didn’t move. I tried the manual, one-swipe-at-a-time and it worked. I thought this must be due to the low battery. Things were going smoothly. I got to the motorway interchange.

Once I got onto the Motorway, I really started enjoying everything. Its our nature that if one thing’s going right for you, the rest just seem to follow suit. Little did I know that rather than getting home early, I’ll be stuck here for hours. The car sped home, with me sitting rather relaxed in the driving seat. Just when I reached the middle part of motorway (middle as in between the ISB interchange and the Brahma Jhang Bahatar interchange), I realized that there was a weird smell coming from the engine… like the smell that comes from a steam iron when its on. I slowed the car down, stopped it on the side of the road, turned it off and got out. When I lifted the hood, steam came out of the engine area. I knew it was steam because I could actually HEAR boiling water in that reservoir thing (the one with water that comes outta the radiator). I was baffled, and a bit worried. I’d never seen the water get THAT hot before. I immediately called up my brother and asked him what to do. He asked me to wait, and then check the water level in the radiator. I did exactly that. The radiator was empty. Now I knew something was effed up. I waited for a while and then filled it with water again, as per the instructions of my brother. It seemed fine. I put everything back in place, got back in the car, and turned the key in the ignition. The engine made a weary attempt to bring itself to life. I held my breath and tried again.

The car didn’t start. I was stuck in the middle of motorway, alone, with rain pouring down, hard.
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  1. Ottoman's Avatar
    But hey! Look at it positively for a moment. At least you weren`t locked out of your car

    Another nice blog Asim. You seem to have a knack for these things. Eagerly waiting for Part II
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  2. ASKnASK's Avatar
    ^ Usman, you just wait for part 2
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  3. Lars's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ASKnASK
    ^ Usman, you just wait for part 2
    can't wait
    Nice blog post
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  4. Sire Ahsan's Avatar
    Oh he gets really owned in Part 2 ... I know the whole story XD
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  5. eViLrAcEr's Avatar
    Glad about the calculus, I really hated it in O levels, then in A levels but i owned the subject in my 2nd attempt in A Levels....and now i'm hating it again in university, failed once...trying to own it again now getting better.

    And nice that you can differentiate b/w the two kinds of days...somehow, I tend to remember a lot from all of my days. Maybe it's that head injury I got when I was 7...

    next part should be good though
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  6. Syavash's Avatar
    Here's my experience:

    We were going from makkah to madina in our car and when we were abt 100km from makkah at 200km/h a water can came out of nowhere and got stuck under our car so we had to stop on the side of the road to take it out, thankfully that water ca caused us to see the tempreature and the car was HOT , so hot that when my father opened the bonnet steam sprayed over everything including the windscreen and it went in all directions for like 5 feet

    Then we got our car towed back to makkah and got it fixed in many hours until it was midnight. The hot water had also caused the radiator to burst and we had to get it fixed. after that we went to madinah the same nite straight from the workshop
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    Updated 31-07-10 at 10:14 PM by Syavash
  7. eViLrAcEr's Avatar
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  8. Last For One's Avatar
    o.O everything was going so relaxing at my side until i reach the end of this blog! Can't wait for the 2nd part although i have a feeling that you certainly got locked out from your car in part 2
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  9. ASKnASK's Avatar
    I'm gonna wait a day or two before I write that
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  10. hasanJ's Avatar
    70Rs wala coolant bhi water say behtar hota hai yar xD
    btw i heard ppl claiming tht the Orange Coolant from Caltex is pretty decent

    post Part II man teh suspense is killing me
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  11. Sire Ahsan's Avatar

    The 70-150rs walay diluted coolants, that you usually get ... you're better off using all of it. They come in jerry cans. You can get like 3 litres in 120 or a better grade 100rs per litre.

    The tin can 100-120 for 435-500 mL is good, better off diluting it 1/2 1/2

    The caltex stuff ... oh that is GOOD. 1/3 mix and you are good to go. It costs 400+ for a bottle ... and ud need 3-4 bottles for a big car :P

    The 'good' diluted ones work fine. I ran a friggin turbocharged car on em. Those things generate massive heat. Yet it never overheated.
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  12. hasanJ's Avatar
    ^ yeah the Jerry Can wala full hi dala tha Cultus mai

    i say aik dafa acha daal kay bhul jao
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  13. Syavash's Avatar
    Part 2 of my post (edited the first one)

    Reason was it was 12th rabiual awal and we wanted to be in madina and we did get there after getting the car fixed

    We found the problem later on, the coolant (normal one)which we were using wasnt good enough for desert tempreatures, so later on we got a special one (and I insisted to the stupid mechanic to put more amount of coolant than water despite his claims that coolant should be 1/3rd of the radiator's volume)

    Thankfully becuase we didnt listen to what that idiot said the car never had any temp problems again

    Thats my story, but urs wa s abad experience I think, I enjoyed it all and I got to sit in a tow truck too

    I wonder what would have happened if that water can hadnt caused us to stop? at 200km/h with 55C outside what would have happened if we didnt stop?
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