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One of those days... Part 3

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Let me tell you right in the beginning of this third and last installment that this story doesnít have a happily ever-after ending. However, things couldíve been worse, much worse. And here we goÖ

So I was locked out of my car in heavy rain. All of a sudden, I shuddered. I realized that it was rather cold; surprising, given the fact that itís a Pakistani summer and the month of July. I guess the combination of heavy rain and a swift cool breeze, along with my wet clothes were responsible.

Anyways, I noticed that the front passenger seat window (right word?) was partially open. I saw a ray of hope; maybe I could just slide my arm inside and get the lock open. The gap was too tight, but that didnít stop me from trying. There are black spots on both my right and left arm that are proof of my effort. Eventually, I did get my fingers to the lock, but I couldnít get it to open because my fingers were wet and there slippery. I didnít have anything to grab it with. I pulled my arm out, wincing.

I looked around, cars were passing by without stopping to ask if I needed help. I thought why WOULD they stopÖ Why would they help meÖ I was lost in bitter thoughts when I saw a motorway police pickup pull up. They asked my whatís wrong. I told them everything that had happened (well, pretty much everything). They asked me my name and cell number, assuring me that a mobile workshop will be here in 15 to 20 minutes. Apparently, they were busy helping another poor soul whose car had given up on him.

After half an hour, I saw their mini-truck (?) pull up on the opposite side of the motorway. Two guys walked over to me. They asked me the same question Ė What happened; and I told them. One of them went and unlocked the door with ease. He just gripped the lock with a dry cloth and pulled. It opened. I jumped into the car and grabbed the keys. The other guy looked at the engine, then me, and then back at the engine. ĎHow do you expect the battery to get charged when the generator belt is not on?í

And then it dawned upon me. The red light had been on because the battery wasnít getting charged, because the belt had broken and fallen off somewhere on my way to uni. I was horrified, but that feeling didnít last for long as the mechanic pulled from his bag several belts. I asked his if theyíd work in my car and he said of course they will. I was relieved.

They installed the belt. One of them sat in the car and me and the other guy pushed. I endured because I thought this would be the last time Iím pushing this car. But it wasnít to be. The car didnít start. They tried to connect it to a generator-thingy in their truck (which was now on the right side of the road, since the guy took a U-Turn somehow). That didnít work either. I was getting desperate now. They told me the only option was to tow the car. I said NO. They left.
Now that I had access to my phone again, I called my brother and enlightened him about the whole situation. He said heís on his way with a friend and a couple of mechanic Ďshaagirdsí. The problem was that because there is no U-Turn on the motorway, so my brother had to go all the way to Islamabad, and then back to me. It was gonna take him quite a lot of time.

I got into the car and lied down on the rear seats, using my bag as a pillow. Texting is one thing I like a LOT, and having friends and other people (Hun, thatís you ) to talk to makes it easier to pass time. The problem was that when I lied down, the signals on my cellphone died. I had to sit up to send or receive a text. Curse you Pakistani networks.

A couple of hours had passed. I was pretty relaxed, listening to the passing cars and the rain. Occasionally, a flying coach (thatís what they call them right? The HIACE) would pass by and the car would actually sort of vibrate. I didnít have to wait any longer because just then, someone knocked on the windows. It was my brother.

I felt cheery for some reason. Maybe it was because I knew that now, within an hour or so, Iíll be home safe and sound. The mechanics started looking at the engine. They connected the new carís battery (a 2008 City) to mine and tried to start the car. It didnít work. We all gave up after a while. It was decided that towing is the only solution. The two cars were linked by a bright green rope. I sat down in the in the leading car, dripping water all over his leather seats and the car floor.

My brotherís friend (a very nice guy) had apparently never towed a car before. His inexperience showed. My brother, behind us in a car with pretty much no brakes (hydraulic Ė no power, no real brakes) and a hard steering, couldnít see a thing because of the heavy rain and the fact that the wipers werenít working because of the dead battery. He must have been terrified (which he later admitted very openly). Sami (my brotherís friend) was going at over 90Km/h, which is WAYYYYY too much when you have a dead car behind you. Anyways, we got to the interchange safe and sound. I got out at the interchange to tell my brother where the ticket was. When I opened the door, I saw his white face. He had been scared to death. The mechanicís shaagird also looked as if he had just been to the gallows, and back. ĎWhat the hell were you guys doing! I had ZERO VISIBILITY! And you were OVERTAKING at that speed?í I could only laugh. To me, it was all very funny. I assured him that weíll drive slowly now. I took the ticket and we crossed the interchange safely. One part of our journey was safely over.
Now hereís the part I mentioned in the last post. Thereís a small segment on the Brahma Jhang Bahattar interchange thatís like an inclined plane at a 40 degree angle. I told Sami about it and we devised a free-fall strategy that would prevent a collision between the two cars. Since my brotherís car was gonna be coming down it without any brakes, we were going to do the same. I was in the back seat, looking through the rear windshield at my car. The gap was sufficient. We went down the slope, speeding up. Sami had put the car in the neutral gear. The other car also sped up.

Everything was going fineÖ till the slope ended. Sami had, in a hurry, put the car in gear in order to speed up a bit to avoid a crash. The mistake he made was that he put the car in 1st gear. There was an angry roar by the engine, and the car suddenly slowed down. At that precise instant, I knew what was about to happen. I screamed SPEED UP, but it was too late. BAM!

Our car had crashed into Samiís, and I assumed the worst. These new cars are like weak plastic toys and I thought his bumper mustíve been crushed. He didnít stop the car, brave-hearted man he is. Eventually, we made it to the GT Road. Someone once said about the Paki people that they seem to be in a hurry, always in a hurry, just like the Americans. The only thing that amuses me is that are in a hurry without any important destination to get to. The people were trying to overtake us left and right, without realizing what a sticky situation we were in.

My brother gave me frantic signals to stop the car. We stopped. Now was the time to check how much damage the crash had done. Apprehensively, I went to look at the back side of the car, to see how much damage had been doneÖ There was none. The rear bumper was in perfect condition. The same could be said about our carís front bumper. Just some minor paint exchange and that was it. Relieved, we got back into the cars.

So anyways, eventually we got into Wah Cantt. I heaved a sigh of relief Ė I was finally close to home. We left a car the a workshop temporarily. The guy checked its engine for obvious damage, but couldnít find any. Me and my brother were dropped off at home by Sami, after which he left. Our car is parked at home, waiting to be fixed. My brother got it home later that afternoon. Hopefully, there wonít be any serious damage to the engine.

Thatís all of it. This was the entire story. Of course I skipped some details, since this post has already exceeded two pages. This was one of those days when nothing seems to go your way, or so it seems. But if you look at it carefully, youíd see the alternate picture. Would you ever expect your car not to get a scratch after such a collision?

Look at life realistically, but donít let go of optimism since that is what wills us to go on each day. Its hope that pushes us, that tells us to live another day and value life. Who knows, tomorrow might just turn out to better than today, or all the days you have ever lived.
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  1. Lars's Avatar
    ....and happily ever after
    Great story you got there
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  2. AcHa BaChA's Avatar
    Nice blog....waise happy ending to hai have to agree
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  3. Hacks's Avatar
    whoa that's one heck of a day ... glad you survived
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  4. hasanJ's Avatar
    damn too many things happened tht shuldnt have happened -.-
    meh its just one of those days
    0 Likes, 0 Thanks
  5. CrashBandicoot's Avatar
    Towing at 90Kph in zero visibility?? You must be kidding...
    I have towed many friends,and some have towed me on various occasions...Its a very tricky business....and 90 Kph is too much.
    Unlike Pakistan,here if we break down on the motorway,the Highway agency charges around 25000 Rupiah for any help...If you run out of fuel on motorway..they deliver fuel at about 1000 Rupiah per liter.

    Its always best not to break down on motorway,and check your car thoroughly if you have a motorway on your track.

    Good to know that eventually everything was taken care of..
    Well written and interesting blog..Keep it up.
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  6. Sire Ahsan's Avatar
    Dude ... why didnt you just get the motorway guys to tow you ? :/

    I mean ... WHY ? :/ ... jeez! I dont feel sorry for you now, cus what you did was STUPID!
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  7. ASKnASK's Avatar
    They said we don't tow cars but we could get a taxi to tow your car.

    I don't trust taxi walas.
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  8. Syavash's Avatar
    ,Maybe you could have just broken the car's side window got into it and waited for the police to come and tow ur car

    btw that driver was ridiculouse, 1st gear at 90km/h idiot
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  9. ASKnASK's Avatar
    No no no! lol
    Not at 90... 90 was the speed on the motorway.

    He used the 1st gear after we rolled down that slope.
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  10. syedfarazahmed's Avatar
    good blog. so did you find out what prob your car's engine was having ?
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  11. CrashBandicoot's Avatar
    Did the motorway mobile workshop charge you something or it was free?
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  12. ASKnASK's Avatar
    Well they'd have charged if they had actually installed something in my car...
    But they didn't so it was free.

    The Problem:

    Didn't add this to the post as it was already too long.

    This corolla has such a design that uses ONE belt for connecting the water body, the engine and the generator. When that belt broke and fell off, the water body stopped working. The engine didn't get a regulated water supply, and heated up. Because of the weak battery, the sensor failed to report the proper temperature. When I turned off the overheated engine and poured water into the radiator, I guess it got damaged.

    Mechanic on Monday or Tuesday... Lets see what develops.
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  13. Spiderman3000's Avatar
    A bad day for ya, eh? It happens to everyone. Including me.
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  14. Pleasant's Avatar
    Bad day .......... !
    BTW i hate rains becoz of these incidents happens here there
    and u enjoy rain u must have really enjoyed the rain in problem
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  15. ASKnASK's Avatar
    I did actually
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  16. jz90's Avatar
    nice blog..... an interesting story!
    Thanks for sharing!
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  17. SilverDrag's Avatar
    when going down the slope you guys showed have put the working car at the back so that it could brake for the dead car as well and the collision would have been avoided
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  18. ASKnASK's Avatar
    Its not that easy to do... On a busy interchange.
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  19. hasanJ's Avatar
    as far as i know if ur freefalling down a slope without revving the Engine its best to keep the car in Gear and shift up or down depending on the speed

    Freefalling on Neutral is kinda dangerous as u can easily loose control of the car

    correct me if im wrong though
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  20. Ottoman's Avatar
    The ending was disappointing. I would've loved to see more misery being heaped on him
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