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  1. types of people

    A friend of mine is fond of writing. He even writes his own stories and publishes them inline. He was writing this piece today, it is still unfinished but I thought of sharing it with you and get some opinions. His thoughts really provoked my interest. The best part is that I have experienced this in the real life.

    a narrow minded person's blind belief takes him no where. he is just like a sheep. a soldier who obeys.closed to opinions.
    increase the intelligence a
  2. The day

    Have you ever had one of those days for which you'd kill to get in a time machine and relive that day or perhaps you'd kill to skip that day.
    I guess many of you have had that day. Today was such a day for me. It was like I was jinxed with bad luck. With just a touch of my finger, perfect things fell apart. Things I was sure about, risks I took cuz I believed thing would turnout my way. All of those thing turned out exactly the opposite of my imagination.

    But still I am glad for ...
  3. Life changing experience

    Asalam o Alikum Brothers

    This is my first blog ever.

    So the thing is that I usually do not have dreams, I mean I do not remember the last time I had one. So today I had 3 dreams all kind of relating to some family problems. And in all of them something bad happened.
    So coming to the point in my last dream, I was told by someone,my father to be exact, that I am going to die. And he told me the time too. And then he said imagine how you want your jannat ...
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