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  1. Optera Digital Releases Reality Girl - Read Online Now !


    The comic was released to tackle the issue of abuse that bus stop children face. Due to an overwhelming response, the comic is now available to read online.

    To coincide with International Women’s Day weekend, Pakistani Transmedia Company, Optera Digital launched their original comic Reality Girl ...
  2. Video game scores have started to bug me

    Hey fellow gamers, I just wanted to say that this whole review score thing is getting on my nerves. I remember a time when I used to go to a gameshop and look at the cover of a game and buy it or the time when I used to buy game just because a freind thought it is awesome or the time when a trailer/concept was enough to warrant a purchase. That I beleived added variety to the stuff I used to play. Now when I have to buy a game I see Scores. Quite Frankly I havent played/purchased the titles ...
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    Gaming , Entertainment
  3. Yello Magazine

    Yello Magazine

    A Hoarding Caught my attention "yello indispensable guide to Karachi" which i first thought its Derived form of Yellow Pages and related to it, Still checked the site and my assumption was wrong it was Magazine about karachi life hang out , eating out , about culture, fashion, entertainment and visual arts , which was quite unique for me to have such sort of magazine i might be wrong ...

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    Personal Diary
  4. Bazookas & Cauliflowers - East meets the west in this tragically gory tale....

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Chapter 1: Behind enemy lines!

    As Mola Jatt pointed his gandasa in Hitler's direction, Hitler took him down in one single shot in the head.
    Jatti could not believe her eyes, she was stunned, shocked, terrified… crushed to pieces
    Jatt and Jatti were on a secret mission… she was riding in the forest with her jatt
    She could not believe, the love of her life... gone... just like that!
    She couldn't bear much n fainted, and almost ...
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  5. Nerd day out

    Or may be it was just an hour out..The story goes like this..My son's PC went bust,started to freeze almost every half an hour and sometimes wont boot at all..After experimentation,it turned out that the good old Nvidia 6200 i has installed an year ago has done what it could and now dieing.Then started the "Nerd geek dilemma" ..something from which most of us on this forum suffer.."What to buy and what not to buy".
    If i was a normal non geek,non nerd type,i had popped ...

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