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  1. iPhone 5 Launch - Roundup of Rumors

    Apple fanboys are as jumpy as a pile of Jelly Beans today.

    What's happening today? Well, the launch of the new iPhone 5, of course. Bloggers have been making tons of money by creating rumors and speculations on their blogs.

    Techies have had nothing else to talk about for weeks now. They just canít focus on anything any longer, except, of course, the iPhone 5. Will it have a bigger screen? How many cores? Will Siri work even better? Will it service my every need? Will it...?? ...
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  2. When Lulzsec Hacked My Email

    That morning, as usual, I checked my mail. This particular email caught my eye because of the content in the excerpt. My first thoughts? OMG!

    I was too scared to click and open it for two whole minutes. (Yes, I counted them.) I did click eventually. Of course, if I hadnít I would not be writing this post. Or maybe I would. Anyway, the following are the contents of the email.

  3. Ideas Worth Spreading: Flipping the Tradition & Reinventing the Classroom?

    If Math were a person, I would stab it, and risk pissing off MIT students. You see, I was never any good at math. I always disliked it. Unfortunately for me and millions of others we have to learn math in order to advance in schools. And so, this year I have to give the dreaded SAT (A test which is required by colleges in U.S and is taken in High School) and it has a lot of Math.

    In order to understand Math better, I embarked on a journey to find a nice class, online. I began my ...
  4. Inner space 6

    Spoiler: show
    Wasim was ready..He had been waiting for that particular Thursday night for ages..Tonight was the new moon and Thursday..Late in the evening,wasim walked to the place where he normally met the old man,and he was there waiting for him..The old man looked up,and he had a strange look in his eyes.."You met the pinnacle, didn't you?"..Said the old man,and wasim didn't know what to say..The old man was not expecting him to understand..The old man continued."You had a weird dream?"..yes

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  5. Yeah! Bought a brand new faulty PC

    So after a long time I finally got blog creation privileges from our admin and here goes my first blog.

    This is regarding my purchase of a new PC and the bizarre problems I faced.

    After a lot of researching and discussions with my brother whether I should go for a Xbox360,PS3 or a PC, I finally bought the PC I currently have (well, without all the extra HDDs and GPU) in Nov 2008. I was a PC guy all the way from 1997, when my father bought our first Pentium 1, and have ...
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