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  1. Pakistan National Anthem - A Compromised Identity!?

    What is a National Anthem? I often find myself asking this. Being 'philosophical' for a moment, its our identity, one umbrella to gather the nation under, a hope, a sign of pride ... blah blah yada yada. Surprised? I am too.

    Pakistan National Anthem - A PTV Classic

    So, National Anthem. I remember listening to this classic piece, having a magical effect on me, filling me with a discreetly motivational power which ...
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  2. Spirit of Independence

    August 14, Pakistan's Yaum e Azadi, is two days away. Apart from the date, there's little indication from our surroundings that Independence Day is near.

    August 14th used to be a big occasion during my childhood years. I remember my grandfather taking us to the market and making us buy all sorts of things that were relevant to that special day. The market place used to, literally, become green when August started and there was so much variety to choose from. We were given a free ...

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  3. { Footprint | part 3} Typically German

    First of all Thank you guys for the response, and everyone who PMed me for the support.

    Now, I am gonna share an exclusive look into what a German thinks about their culture and people .

    My question: So what is typically German?

    their answer :

    Cultural characteristics

    1. Facts are important

    2.Respect of rules and structures


    4.Monochronic notion of time

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  4. Yello Magazine

    Yello Magazine

    A Hoarding Caught my attention "yello indispensable guide to Karachi" which i first thought its Derived form of Yellow Pages and related to it, Still checked the site and my assumption was wrong it was Magazine about karachi life hang out , eating out , about culture, fashion, entertainment and visual arts , which was quite unique for me to have such sort of magazine i might be wrong ...

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  5. Fictional Reality

    all right's my first blog...i'll be posting some prose and articles which i write all the time...hope to see a good with all prose, the best way to read them is line by line....slow and steadily....this is called "Fictional Reality".....

    Holding in my arms,
    I look at the child with a smile,
    Its a boy congratulations,
    He opens his eyes and smiles,
    I can feel its tiny core beating,
    Or is it beating,
    Smiling at ...

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