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  1. This Nation is Doomed!

    ....for good!

    Today, i was on my way home from the university and, as always, I was supposed to pick up my younger sister from her school on the way. I arrived at the school and went inside the main gate and waited for her to show up. As I waited, i saw a mother and a father arguing with their daughter who looked to be not more than 7 years old.

    They were barely 5 feet away from me. The father started off by telling the little girl how upset he was that she didn't stay ...
  2. USUF's Audio log: Thoughts on Mass Effect 3 Demo

    Boring Sundays are boring.

    This is something i had a mind to do for a few weeks but didn't have any good topic to talk about. This is simply a casual opinion of mine and nothing to be taken seriously. But i do hope i get some feedback on this if you people like it. I didn't really prepare anything formally to say. This is just me speaking casually.

    In this Audio log, i talk briefly about the Mass effect 3 demo. It's sort of a review you can say. If i missed anything i'm ...

    Updated 04-04-12 at 07:19 PM by USUF

  3. Random thought - Why is there so much sadness in the world?

    One of the things that really bugs me is how people see and treat other people so badly so often. Its one of the things i've seen alot lately and i couldn't fathom this....phenomenon. Yes, its a phenomenon since its so damn widely spread across each one of us. Especially us Pakistanis.

    The very moment we see a stranger, we instantly form a bias about what his nature/personality traits are and how this person should be approached. Now thats not necessarily a bad thing because, ...

    Updated 09-11-11 at 01:32 PM by USUF

  4. A lesson for all of Pakgamers' Community

    I was wandering over at the MLG forums like i do from time to time and i came across this very interesting book on "Competitive Gaming" titled "Playing to Win". Yeah i know what you must be thinking....There is a BOOK on professional Competitive video gaming? ...Apparently so.

    ....and boy is it interesting

    In the first chapter, the writer talks about the "game" as merely a language. A tool that is absolute and perfectly defined. The competition ...
  5. My Halo: Reach stats (Updated with my gamplays!)

    Its been almost 3 weeks since i went on Xbox LIVE, fired up my Halo: Reach disc and opened up a can of ass whoppin' online on random noobs with some of my pals. I miss my most coveted weapon, the DMR which used to give me incredible precision in taking faces and cracking skulls across the map....Landing a perfect 5-shot kill even when your opponent has the upper hand is the best feeling in the world.

    It might surprise some of you but i have the most amount of playtime and kills on Reach ...

    Updated 19-02-12 at 01:06 PM by USUF

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