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  1. Optera Digital Releases Reality Girl - Read Online Now !


    The comic was released to tackle the issue of abuse that bus stop children face. Due to an overwhelming response, the comic is now available to read online.

    To coincide with International Women’s Day weekend, Pakistani Transmedia Company, Optera Digital launched their original comic Reality Girl ...
  2. iPhone 5 Launch - Roundup of Rumors

    Apple fanboys are as jumpy as a pile of Jelly Beans today.

    What's happening today? Well, the launch of the new iPhone 5, of course. Bloggers have been making tons of money by creating rumors and speculations on their blogs.

    Techies have had nothing else to talk about for weeks now. They just can’t focus on anything any longer, except, of course, the iPhone 5. Will it have a bigger screen? How many cores? Will Siri work even better? Will it service my every need? Will it...?? ...
  3. A Different Agenda By Moin Khan

    [CENTER][SIZE=5][FONT=georgia][COLOR=#ffff00]O Lord, who will be strong enough to know when he is weak, and brave enough to face himself when he is afraid, one who will be proud and unbending in honest defeat, and humble and gentle in victory
    An EPIC motorbike Journey From USA California To PAKISTAN Lahore.
    Journey Begins At Golden Gate ...

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  4. Ideas Worth Spreading: Flipping the Tradition & Reinventing the Classroom?

    If Math were a person, I would stab it, and risk pissing off MIT students. You see, I was never any good at math. I always disliked it. Unfortunately for me and millions of others we have to learn math in order to advance in schools. And so, this year I have to give the dreaded SAT (A test which is required by colleges in U.S and is taken in High School) and it has a lot of Math.

    In order to understand Math better, I embarked on a journey to find a nice class, online. I began my ...
  5. Talent Is Overrated?

    The vast majority of people tend to believe that somehow, some people were born with a magical gift regarded as “Talent”
    Examples have been scattered throughout history: Mozart, Tiger Woods, Warren Buffet, Winston Churchill, Bill Gates, Benjamin Franklin, Einstein and hundreds of others. When you hear these names, the first thing that probably comes across your mind is they are "great and special, they were born with it." Somehow they are better and exceed in their fields for some ...
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