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  1. Turkish Citizens- Day 1

    It was 7 in the morning and I was all hyped up as it was my first international trip without family and with friend. I double checked everything and jumped in the car. I honked the car horn to call my family. Due to some reasons I couldn't leave before quarter to 10 and the fun part is that I had to report at my school's head office in Lahore at 10. Anyways I missed the whole boring lecture and reached the school like 10 minutes to 12 pm. When I reached the school and about a hour had passed I realized ...

    Updated 19-04-11 at 05:23 PM by Khawaja

  2. Meet you Guys after Two Weeks!

    Guys I am going to Turkey for like 10 days with School Trip. I will return on 13th March and till then Allah Hafiz. Wish me a Safe journey and I'll be sure to bring some great blogs and Pictures. I will be accompanied by a 'male' teacher and a friend so the fun is guranteed. The male teacher can be counted as a friend .

    P.S If any of you has visited Turkey please advise me on necessary matters. Which currency is more commonly used there Euro or US Dollar?

    -Khawaja ...
  3. A Friend from back when I was 11

    There was this girl I liked and I still 'like' her. Her uncle's son was my classmate from the day I joined the school I had to get her number no matter what so I and some other bothered him every now and then and were successful in our mission. The day i got her number I texted her(How are you? is what i asked her) but didn't get a reply(before you get to something negative I must tell you that she is a very very pious and shareef girl). A month passed and I forgot her cell no(and lost the piece ...
    Personal Diary
  4. Attempt to Kidnap,Ziyarat-e-Makkah and departure for Madinah-Hajj Part 3

    Guys I would Like to clear up something before i write the blog. In the last Blog people were confused If I was doing Umrah or Hajj and all.

    I went for a 40 days Trip our schedule was:
    1. Makkah-22 Days
    2. Madinah- 9 Days
    3. Back to Makkah to get Ready for Hajj- 2 Days
    4. Hajj- 5 Days
    5. Makkah(Aziziah) to pack up the things - 1 Day

    Ok So Let's start the story. After offering my Asar prayer I was feeling Sleepy(We didn't leave haram ...
    Personal Diary
  5. First sight of Ka'abah( Hajj- Part 2)

    The Pilot was pretty experienced so we landed without a single shake. The Plane was attached to the terminal(unlike the Lahore airport where they used stairs). We were checked by the security and then we got our luggage. Then there was some fingerprint scanning and Pictures etc. Our Luggage wasn't scanned wildly like the Pakistani's did(I am sorry for criticising Pakistan but it's true). Anyhow the overall procedure took about 3 hrs. We were said to sit until the buses reached. We had drinks and ...
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