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  1. Trusted PTC Sites


    I made this blog to help my Pakgamers to join the PTC (paid-to-click) sites which are trusted and are not fake/scam.

    To receive earnings from any PTC site, you must have an [URL=""]AlertPay[/URL] or PayPal account. As you know that both are payment processors which are free to create as well but PayPal is far more better than [URL=""]AlertPay[/URL] ...
  2. The One and only..!!!

    OK guys...i m sharing some Nasty Bowling Stuff by one of the greatest bowler Of All the Time:....The Best in the Business...One and only...Shoaib Akhtar....

    Check out the Videos...if you are a Cricket fan boy...This is for you.......

    Tribute to the Man:

    Beating the Ausi...
    [video=youtube;_HwDRQuo77I][/video] ...
  3. when the sky was falling

    Skylab,was an ambitious american space program to build a space station.It was in july 1979 when the skylab started to plunge towards earth.

    It had many radioactive batteries.
    No body was sure about it's place of impact,but it was posing great danger to earthlings.
    I was 5 years old and we did not have a television,just a radio.
    I remamber my father listening to the radio,and telling us that something nasty is about to fall from the sky.
    In those days there ...
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  4. A passing thought on creation

    You know, the accepted theory for the origin of this universe, the big bang, can explain why the universe is arranged the way it is and how it's individual features formed... but it cant really explain what was the actual cause of the big bang and how something came to be from absolutely nothing(apparently, there is no blackness that you would imagine when thinking of 'outside' the universe. there is nothing, no space). You know, maybe Allah initiated this universe through the big bang.
  5. Really guys??? is this cool??

    I was surfin you tube the other day and i cam across this.... Apparently riding a bike on one wheel is cool. They seem like they are not afraid to die... right up until the moment they die. and then i bet they r like, oh sh*t..

    So i'm not going to write a long blog about this because i am furious that our youth is wasting time on such useless things. No wonder our country goes no where.

    PART 1
    [video=youtube;CWqueD4NkXE][/video] ...
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