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10-03-08, 06:04 PM
first hello guys and special hi to any cg and video making artist...
second if this place for such thread is not ok than please forgive me :crying:. (carefull cause i got banned for life from a forum for this mishap). I wrote here cause i consider it to be related to graphics

situation is:

i want to make a 3d video employing 3d characters and environment for ma class presentation.
All work should be done in software no external video making or stuff like this.

So, any ideas about such software that provide full functionality inclucding 3d character generation, environment control, motion and effects etc and also outputs in a video avi file.

So far i found iclone studio 2. reading its feature list on www.reallusion.com i found this ok.

Any suggestions???:wink2:

10-03-08, 06:58 PM
3D studio Max
One solution for your problem...err...project :)