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Through a wholesome of at least 18 games in the series, FIFA series by EA Sports has always been praised by it’s fans and critiques. FIFA through the 21st century has been overwhelmingly improved and added with tons of new features. However, FIFA 07 was the turning point of football videogames as of the birth of new generation of consoles. It’s no surprise that FIFA is an outstanding game.


How Big Can Football Get ?


FIFA 10 has introduced for the first time ; the revolutionary 360 degree dribbling .Not to mention , Konami known for it’s Pro Evolution Soccer series , also implemented the 360* dribbling system to their PES 2010. Back to the topic,
with the 360* dribble, players now have full and precise control . Passes are more accurate than ever and all-round the player’s movement looks realistic. Skilled dribbling is also a new addition to FIFA 10 , which enables the player to perform skill moves with ease just like in real-time football .The skill moves are categorized on the basis of player’s rank, so don’t expect such rainbow flicks from Fletcher or Babel.

Train Your Virtual Pro as much as you can ! and earn skill points

This year , one of the major improvement was on “Be A Pro Mode” , however in FIFA 10 , it is renewed under the name of “Virtual Pro” though Be A Pro match still lasts with seasons to play. Virtual Pro is quite enhanced version of Be A Pro , Players can make their virtual footballer – to live their dreams on the field . Players can get their virtual man in seasonal matches as well as quick matches , in arena mode and even in Be A Pro mode to progress their way and become a superstar level footballer. Virtual Pro is amazing and amusing both . When created your Virtual Pro, it is advised to create a GameFace ; Gameface is a new and innovative feature by EA Sports , through it players can now create and apply their real-life face onto their FIFA’s Virtual Pro.

The A.I of Virtual Pro is impressive. It keeps a track of your Pro’s statistics during the arena mode as well as in all the other modes of the game. It works in very simple and adequate way , if you played a glorious shot or did an outstanding dribble – you will earn points ; after that a new level . With constant level improvements, you can increase your overall ratings. Starting from 70 Overall to the PRO 90 overall feels as a prestige. The Virtual Pro tracks your player in every mode of the game.

Rooney Away With The Ball !!!!!

Other than that, Arena Mode is the most deliberate part of FIFA 10. This year , EA has added a new feature “Set Piece Creator” – Set pieces are an integral part of football ; in the arena mode , you can now make your custom set pieces , these are quite helpful when taking free-kicks and corners , dodging the opponents to make your way to the goalpost .Other than this ,the on-screen 1 vs 1 on goalie is revolutionary , being sick of tiring visuals of “Loading applet” , Play – show your moves and Dodge the goalie and finish your shot with style .During a loading of a match , it works pretty well as an amusing amalgamate. You can also play a practice match with 11 players on your side attacking , defender as an opponent goalkeeper, just to improve your through balls and passes , as well as practice against a whole team to practice

http://cdn.content.easports.com/alfresco/service/eaapi/node/content/avm/easportscom/-1;www;avm_webapps;ROOT;;_assets;en_US;FIFA10;FIFA1 0_Rom_Running_in_the_Box1.jpg
Get your D-Pad On ! Manage your team’s run and finish it with excellence

Manager Mode , no compromisingly has been revised many times since the previous years.
This year , Manager Mode is tweaked a bit to get the more realism juice out of it. The scouting , transfers , Visual Simulations and Staff Upgradation , all the essential parts of management are finely tuned to make it more user-friendly. The Assistant Manager is a nice effort from EA Sports, which allows the new users, the Assistant Manager , manages the team squad , formations automatically and adjust them accordingly before the match , so that you don’t miss Rooney or Torrres to jump them onto the 1st team and not on the bench – when there is match against Real Madrid.

The commentary , this time like the previous years is outstanding , highly appreciate to Andy Gray and Clive Tilsley again for their exceptional work

The A.I of the game like always is solid , authentic and sharp. Goalkeepers are more intelligent than ever. The challenging gameplay of FIFA 10 is captivating, and that’s what soccer fans have always wanted.The player models look exact , accurate and sharp. The gameplay is strong, stable and responsive. With little improvements over the years, there isn’t any drastic change, but still it feels good. The gameplay, this year by default is slower to get a feel of realism. The referees look authentic and act sensibly .The cameras in the game aren’t much changed, there is still the old-school Tele Cam as well as Dynamic Cam and also an improved version of it – Dynamic Cam v2. The Be A Pro cam is slightly tweaked. There is also a 3D Field Map , which is quite useless during the game , when eyes are glued to the player’s movement.

http://cdn.content.easports.com/alfresco/service/eaapi/node/content/avm/easportscom/-1;www;avm_webapps;ROOT;;_assets;en_US;FIFA10;FIFA1 0_Goalkeeper_640x360.jpg

Goalies are now much more intelligent

Whether online or offline , FIFA has much , so much to offer. On the insight, FIFA’s Virtual Pros cam now be taken online to compete other Pros , Play as your club throughout the season in the Live Season 2.0 which is an upgrade to 09’s Live Season. However, you might have to sacrifice your “Points” a bit to download Live Season 2.0. The Online Virtual Pro’s matches are deluxe. You can now compete with your friends like never before.

Pay a few bucks , to play as your team for the whole season

The soundtrack in the game is gratifying, with a combination of Hip Hop, Rock and other elements. There are a total of more than 30 soundtracks in the FIFA 10. It’s nothing related to the gameplay but is pleasing and delightful to the player, In short , it adds a pinch of finishing touch to the game.


FIFA 10 is the newest and the best of so-far soccer video games, The visuals , sound and gameplay and also game modes are of high standard. With so much to do offline and online, it surely grooms the virtual talent of football in gamers.


Graphics: 8.9
The best graphics of a football game yet, the footballer models and clubs kits are bona fide. Occasional framerate issues , though it doesn’t disturb the gameplay that much.

Sound: 9.0
Football won’t be there , if there weren’t crowd for supporting it. The crowd’s sound are awesome , The heavily licensed soundtrack adds a touch to the sound.
The commentary is outstanding and polished.

Gameplay: 9.1
With over 250 improvements last year, EA has added 50 more improvements including Skilled Dribbling and 360-degree dribbling. The physical play freedom also works good. The tackling are also palpable.

Lasting Appeal: 9.2
If you are a true football lover and a gamer, then consider this as your heaven’s treat.This game will not keep you amuse for hours but months and months with it’s unique and various game modes.

Overall : 9.1

U n t i l N e x t T i m e L E T ’ S F I F A 1 0 !!!

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i find this review very vanilla, maybe youre not too deep into this. lack of mention for magnetic defenders, better freekicks and the stale manager mode with more to do appalls me.

and last but not least

The skill moves are categorized on the basis of player’s rank, so don’t expect such rainbow flicks from Fletcher or Babel

i think youve got your babels and flecthers mixed up. if babel can do a rainbow flick it means the game is broken as he is awesome with flicks and dinked balls.

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i find this review very vanilla, maybe youre not too deep into this.

It is my first review :P

i think youve got your babels and flecthers mixed up. if babel can do a rainbow flick it means the game is broken as he is awesome with flicks and dinked balls.l

I was just trying to say that low-grade players ( well Babel and Fletcher are pretty matured right ) can't perform skill moves like superstars !

In the end ,I will try to improve next time Inshallah :)