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13-10-09, 08:34 PM
Ok , here's a quick preview of Gran Turismo on PSP . I've had the game for a while and am quite hooked to it .


With the announcement of a Gran Turismo title on PSP , there has been quite a hype . Polyphony Digital finally decided to work on a PSP Port . The game was released as a launch title for PSP Go . So , enough with the introduction . Let's get along with the details of the game .

When you first start the game , you'll be greeted by the intro cutscenes followed by a lengthy but amazing intro video . After that , at first , you'll be required to buy a start-off vehicle . Gran Turismo on PSP boasts a car list of over 800 vehicles of all types . There are over 35 real as well as fictional race tracks to drive on .

When we talk about Gran Turismo , we instantly come to think of the beautiful visuals that the series has always continued to deliver . However , the same hasn't been the case with the case with this PSP port of Gran Turismo . The graphics are quite good but not as good as originally expected . This may be due to the hardware limitations on the PSP .

The game has three race modes ; Time Trial , Single Race and Drift Challenge . When you start your first race , you'll instantly feel the series' signature realistic driving physics . I must say that the driving physics have been retained from the last games in the series and somewhat improved . The driving physics start to shine when you try out the Drift Challenge Mode . Unlike previous games , drifting in GT PSP is quite fun . Once you get the hang of it , you'll start loving this mode in particular .

The game features a great OST . The sound effects of the vehicles , environments etc. are spot on and add to the realistic effect of the game . The music in the game suits really well to the genre . Every vehicle has a distinct sound . Overall , the sound in the game is quite satisfactory .


These are my early impressions of the game . I've managed to spent many hours with the game . And the only disappointments that I've seen so far is in the graphics dept. and lack of race modes and a proper career mode .

My opinions might change as I progress in the game . Expect a full review on the game soon :wink2:

-Muaaz @ Pakgamers.com

13-10-09, 09:17 PM
The graphics are better than any PSP game imo :wink2:

Haven't even tried the drift mode me =P , lack of career mode could be due to idk giving the user freedom to unlock all those cars asap for GT 5 cause i read somewhere that all unlocked cars can be transfered to GT 5 or something..personally i like this freedom though.

Physics are good especially considering its a psp game a bit too easy for me though.

looking forward to yer review (y)

13-10-09, 09:29 PM
lack of career mode

Career Mode could've boosted the scores of this game + sales ........ Maybe the 1.8Gb size did suffer the game's essential

13-10-09, 10:51 PM
^ Dunno about that . But the .iso file was 942MB .

^^ Dude , the graphics are awesome but the poor AA spoils it by all means .

13-10-09, 10:55 PM
Nice work Muaaz. I'm yet to try it. Damn the FW upgrade thing. :@

13-10-09, 10:58 PM
^ What's with the FW Update ? It's a piece of cake .

13-10-09, 11:36 PM
I'm n00b at PSP, currently. But learned something about update. Now I'm gonna play GT real soon. :D

13-10-09, 11:40 PM
The fact that there is no career mode in the game is a really big turn off, i mean it's a driving simulation game which doesn't have any career mode. Seriously.

14-10-09, 12:02 AM
i think sony might release DLC for GT soon for a career mode update.

A career mode is a must in a simulation game. There have to be a sense of progression!

14-10-09, 07:12 AM
Exactly . You have no idea whether you're progressing or not . I didn't as well , until I saw Driver level upgraded message .

14-10-09, 07:58 AM
Maybe SONY just took it off lolophony digitals hands & released it :D that could be the only reason else it really doesnot make any sense as a PSP only game to not include the career mode =/

14-10-09, 06:10 PM
Development hasted in order to make it a PSP Go launch title , anyone ?

14-10-09, 07:07 PM
It was one of the first titles announced for the PSP. It's been in "development" since the PSP's launch in 2005. This is nothing but a gigantic fuckup.

14-10-09, 09:11 PM
Development hasted in order to make it a PSP Go launch title , anyone ?

Maybe they were originally planing to release it alongside GT 5, who knows..

15-10-09, 12:12 AM
@Chandoo : I don't think the game was in development since 2005 .. Besides , even if it were , they still have GT5 in development as well . So , my guess is simply that the game has been rushed .

15-10-09, 12:19 AM
Sitting on their asses for 5 years after announcing it originally really isn't an excuse, besides if they can individually model in assets for 800 cars and dozens of tracks, adding in a career mode shouldn't have been an issue at all.

It's a bad mistake on their part.

15-10-09, 12:22 AM
I guess so . But no Career Mode is definitely a downfall and nothing else in the game could cover it up .

15-10-09, 05:26 AM
I like your review. Sounds nice and I'll probably get it, but what's a Gran Turismo game without a Career Mode? They should've put in a simple one like in GT 3.

15-10-09, 08:20 AM
So you guys wanna try the online multiplayer ? =P

i don't have any wifi router though i will try using my PS3 as a wifi hotspot lolz

15-10-09, 05:16 PM
Oh that'd be awesome Radical . I have Wi-Fi here . Let me know when you want to play . Though I think the lag will be horrible . . .

15-10-09, 06:29 PM
Dudes, Gran turismo does not have MP infrastructure mode.... only Ad-hoc... lols

15-10-09, 06:33 PM
Dudes, Gran turismo does not have MP infrastructure mode.... only Ad-hoc... lols

le! phailphony digital has indeed given us an incomplete game =/

15-10-09, 06:38 PM
the graphics are too good for a PSP game..but it lacks a proper career mode...which is why i m not attracted to this game ....

15-10-09, 06:43 PM

15-10-09, 11:29 PM
so you guys are saying that this title is not every worth a shot?
Is it that bad....yeah i agree that no career mode = no progression....looks more like a demo rather than a full game lol!

16-10-09, 08:33 AM
Even Prologue had online (a sucky one though which won't even upgrade -.- ) this is a phail game design by polyphoney! it is very unlike of them =/

19-10-09, 07:47 PM
Great Review Muaaz i found this game excatly like u said.

19-10-09, 07:53 PM
^ You're welcome . But I'll do the full-fledge review on it after my Mids .

21-10-09, 09:41 PM
Yar i really want to play this game but dont have psp. hope i get one soon cause this is my most favourite game on playstation franchise.

06-11-09, 01:33 PM
Nice Review muaaz..

15-11-09, 03:31 PM
Well i wanted more from this game