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The PS3's Indiana Jones-inspired poster boy is back! Soon after completing their work on the ground-breaking Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune back in 2007, Naughty Dog announced that they were already hard at work on their next Uncharted game, titled Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. The announcement was accompanied by a teaser trailer, featuring a wounded, weary Nathan marching through a snow storm, in order to reach a Phurba half- buried in the snow:

Uncharted 2 is set to take place with Nathan in his quest to find Marco Polo’s Fortune. After spending over 20 years in the court of Kublai Khan, Marco Polo was heading home with over 14 ships, carrying well over 600 people and more treasure then you could possible imagine. When Polo docked 18 months later, he had one ship and 18 passengers. Many accused him of telling ridiculous stories, but he would never the entire truth of his journey. While on his deathbed, his relatives begged him to recant his tales relieve him of his burden, but all Polo said was “I didn’t tell half of what I saw”.

This is just a fragment of what you can expect from the single-player game. Nathan's on another Treasure hunt, but this time the stakes are higher and the odds far worse! This preview is based on the recent Multiplayer Beta.

Uncharted 2 Introduces MULTIPLAYER!!! :

On April 27 '09, Sony once again shocked the world by announcing Multiplayer for Uncharted 2 introducing competitive and co-operative multiplayer modes! The online competitive will feature up to 10 players 5-vs-5 game play, while co-operative multiplayer modes allow up to 3 players. With the aid of a party system, players will remain in ranked and custom matches, earning currency which used in combination with currency earned in single player missions unlocking additional contents and upgrade.


Team Deathmatch: The name speaks for it self just kill the number of people in the designated time period or be the first team to kill as many as possible to win the game.Ofcourse it does not get any simpler than that!


Plunder: Plunder is the Uncharted version of capture-the-flag in which the flag is an idol that is placed somewhere in the map and the first team to carry 5 of them to their base or the team to get the most of them during the time limit win the match.
Online Competitive features two teams simply known as Heroes and Villains, each featuring up to 5 selectable characters for each team. As of yet only 2 maps have been shown above the map shown in the first video is called The Village and map featured in the second video is called the Plaza, each bringing magnificent vertical style game play and a cover system similar to Uncharted 1.



As of yet only one map has been shown in the Multiplayer Beta but it is true that all the Story missions are fully playable online in co-operative mode while also featuring a party system allowing players to play with their friends online. The co-op map shows Nathan, Chloe and Sullivan in an old Nepalese war zone, trying to find the treasure.


Another type of multiplayer recently shown at San Diego Comic Con 2009 is called” Gold Rush” where up to 2-3 players must team up to get a treasure randomly spawned on the map and take it back to their base much like Plunder. However, CPU enemies will try to stop the players from returning the treasure and if a player goes down and is not revived before the timer goes out, they will not come back until the next round.
Two more Multiplayer modes have been confirmed by the UC2 creative director. However, there won't be any split-screen options for any of the modes, due to the reduction of the quality of the game visuals, if a split-screen multiplayer were to be included.


Another announcement by Sony is those PSN users who have not had a chance to participate in the first Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Beta will be given a shot at it once more. Those who have pre-ordered the game from GameStop will receive exclusive access to the MP Beta 2 weeks before everyone else starting from 15th September -29th September while the rest of the PSN users will gain access 2 weeks later starting from 29th September and will end one day before the Uncharted 2 North American release at 12th September.

Overall, the Uncharted 2 MP Beta has been an extremely EPIC and breathtaking experience, which is only going to get better upon the final game's release. With splendid gun-fights, tremendous vertical style game play, and hand to hand combat that has never been more satisfying, the final game will surely never get old and be an amazing experience. It'll be a pleasure to have one more go at the Beta before the games release.

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Nice,the game is looking real gooooooooood(y)

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Well I cant wait for this game!!!!! IT WILL BE EPIC..................As usual (y) GH............hope to see u soon a PG Official Writer

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I'm saving this for the perfect "what the fuck" gif in the future :p

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^ (lmao) (lmao) i guess it does fit with it!!!!

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Yeah that is the perfect WTF momet:lol:

Drake:Verticle??? What The FUCK!!!!!:lol::lol:

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This game is gonna be EPIC.

And nicely written, GH.

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Hmm, you know, when writing previews - specially ones on which you've spent some time hands-on, you should reflect your own experience about how you found the controls, the game's mechanics, graphics, sound etc.

Keep in mind for next (read: MAG) time ;)

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Yar i cant wait for this games......with all the hype i hope its gr8

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Nicely written..but I thought I saw this on the Uncharted thread.

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Nicely written..but I thought I saw this on the Uncharted thread.
Yes that was done by me to but that was for the whole story i just copy pasted the multiplayer information.