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28-07-09, 08:00 PM
The InDSpensable Games

Written by : Blooby (http://www.pakgamers.com/forums/members/naumanmanzoor.html)
Original Date: July 10, 2008

"All those people who think I don't have good games, THINK AGAIN!"-Nintendo DS
It is a common misconception that the Nintendo DS is only for children, it has no worthwhile games unless you like cute little Fluffy things or a mustached Plumber. Well i have one thing to say to you "OBJECTION!". And this list will make you think otherwise as well.


That there is a quote from one of the bests adventure games I have played. And surprise surprise its only on the DS, DUN DUN DUN!
And without further adieu i present you the List:

1. Phoenix Wright-Ace Attourney- Capcom


This is by far one of the most pleasant surprises in the gaming world. It is a Lawyer simulator (i know what you're thinking, but trust me i thought the same and ended up loving the game!). You play as Phoenix Wright, a rookie lawyer, the one with the spiky here in the picture plastered above.

As him you get to cross examine witnesses and point out the "Contradictions" in their Testimonies. Which seems bland and boring at first (when you hear about it) but once you play it, ohhhh its goes to your head! As soon as yo point out your first contradiction and the moody music starts playing you know you've got a gem of a game in your hands! The gameplay is addictive, the story is one of the best i've come across in all my gaming years (sorry MGS Fans) and the music is AWESOME! So i hereby declare that all DS Owners are to buy this game, or else..........

2. The World Ends with You- Square Enix


Square Enix's new "experiment", their newest franchise and by far one of their best games ever. It is also one of the most innovative games on the DS using the touch screen to it's fullest potential. the game's presentation is great too with a top notch art style, great characters with a fun and addictive gameplay. The characters are also very distinct and have their own personalities, the dialogue is great and brings the characters to life! And don't think the story is nothing big, It's deep and engaging, typcal square enix. So scoot and get it now (especially all you RPG fans).

3. Final Fantasy XII: Reverent Wings


Reverent Wings wings takes the final fantasy series into uncharted waters but it braves the hard seas and proves it's worth as the best RTS on the DS. One for all the DS owners out there. It has a nice engaging story following the adventures of a young buy named Vaan. The gameplay is the main star here though, core RTS mixed with RPG elements results in deeply engaging and fun gameplay. The RTS elements are nicely implemented. Overall its a good game which should not be missed.

4. Advance Wars: Days of Ruin-Intelligent Systems


Again, one of those surprisingly good games, especially for me (a person who despises Turn Based Strategy, but this game changed my view of TBS Games altogether). This is a combat oriented Turn-Based Strategy game, no resource gathering, city-building stuff in here. However that isnt sometjing you'll miss with this game. The current gameplay suits the game marvellously, the sprites and environments are cute and detailed adn the characters are not bad either (same goes for the story). However, it's the gameplay you'll be sticking around for!
The gameplay is highly addictive and always leaves you yearning for "One More Turn" at the end. One of the other great features of this game is the online play. I Turned up my DS and connected to the nearest Wi-Fi Hotspot and 2 minutes later im firing cannons and commanding tanks against "Gam3Man231". I lost of course but the game was extra smooth without any lag whatsoever. Another game1 not to be forgotten!

5- Geometry Wars: Galaxies- Bizarre Creations


This game may ring a bell for all our Xbox 360 Owners who have ever explored XBLA or have bought XBLA: Unplugged and im sure it will bring back some frantically fun memories aswell. One of the most-loved games of XBLA makes its way onto the DS as Geometry Wars: Galaxies adding a lengthy campaign and a co-op mode whilst maintaining the core, death-to all-shapes gameplay of the original.
The graphics have been toned down quite a bit for the DS but like the original once you get in you can't get out! This arcade shooter will suck you in with its entrancing techno music and fast paced gameplay. And if you have a friend with a DS all the better! Only thing dissapointing was the lack of an online mode.

Well, that should be enough to occupy tou till next month when i reveal more InDSpensable games.