View Full Version : [Review] No Man's Sky Review (PS4)

12-08-16, 02:29 PM
Having played No Man's Sky for a few hours I am already starting to understand that the game doesn't really have any story mode. It's plain old exploration into a vast arena where you keep on finding things for survival and keep on travelling further and further.

Finding new planets is always fun but finding that there is nothing new there is a tad disappointing. A bunch of aliens who don't do anything other than at times attack you or run away from you doesn't make things interesting at all.

I honestly had this type of an expectation before the launch of the game but caved in due to the hype created by different media websites to get the game.

The fact that it doesn't really have any type of multiplayer makes it even more boring. At least in the big universe if you could meet up with other people that would have made things interesting. Making bases together and having space battles but there is nothing like that either.

I wished there was a base building mechanic where you could settle in a planet make that your home planet and go on from there. You could make ships that would collect resources automatically for you or robots or sentinels etc. Because finding resources is fun a few times but doing the same loop again and again makes its a cumbersome experience.

If the game developers don't add any interesting events in the game then this game is going to die off very soon.