View Full Version : [Pakgamers Debate] What if nintendo introduces NEW console next year !

21-11-08, 12:44 AM
ok so as i was thinking, rumours of new ps4 coming soon and xbox 720, what if nintendo also have a hidden console waiting behind the curtains with BETTER graphics than the current wii and more upgraded wii motion controls :D let's talk about it wouldn't that be awesome.. the main reason behind nintendo not being made much advancement in pakistan is because of its graphics right ? many ppl here go with the flow and decide to buy their next gen console on the factor about graphics...

so what if nintendo introduces the thing that the audience here in pk wants !


only serious talk no BS or spam please !

21-11-08, 12:17 PM
They better get it before next 720 and ps4 if they want to compete. Early launch had always been good for the console. Look at ps2 and 360.

I believe they would be the first to launch in the next console war.

21-11-08, 02:57 PM
yeah lol first it was ps2 :) then 360 and now its nintendo's turn :P to launch first..

21-11-08, 04:34 PM
I dont give a damn about visuals. nintendo have always been on top of my list and it will still be the same.

Sire Ahsan
21-11-08, 09:44 PM
IF they introduce a not so cute and cuddly console ... people would buy it

22-11-08, 12:20 PM
if they improve the graphics a lil bit and give more freedom interms of gameplay via motion sensor , Defently a Big WOOOOPing yess to nintendo!

22-11-08, 07:45 PM
Wii HD, Yeah! Every one wants it except Nintendo, even in US.

Thanks GOD Wii sells are going down in Japan but offcourse Nintendo will only release same Wii with minor improvements like DS-lite and DSi in 2009-10.

Don't expect Wii2 until people stop buying 700k units/month i.e until 2011-12.

I bet MS will again be the one to 1st release Next NexGen console. Sony wants PS3 to last 10 years and they will be the last in next cycle 4 sure.

22-11-08, 10:08 PM
Not interested unless they bring some good titles onto console. Maybe its my taste about games but I don't see hardcore gamers going for Wii.

24-11-08, 09:58 PM
Well, If it will be more upgrade! I will buy it

I want: Improved Motion-sensing technology
No more region problem
Nomore hardware failure

25-11-08, 01:54 AM
HIGHLY unlikely,
...Wii's are still in demand...they MAY b developing it but they'l release it when they c that wii's market is starting to saturate...
and i read in some blog that Wii's are now starting to penetrate the US and Canadian market...donno wether its true or not...but if it is..then there is no way theyl b releasing a new console next year... mayb two years or sumthing...

25-11-08, 02:43 PM
i would welcome that, a real HD console for the hardcore. wii is self sustaining, it would keep selling even if mario goes gay and marries link. so yeah, it would in nintendos interest to tap into the hardcore market with a new shiny console.

25-11-08, 02:51 PM
Just sell the old one and get a new one hhehe.

I feel Wii is opposite to both 360 and PS3 and its a fun playing on wii .both the consoles can't beat Wii due to its fun gaming factor .:)

25-11-08, 10:48 PM
They MAY release something similar to the DSi with improved functionality blah blah blah but a NEW console is not gonna happen.
The Wii is still facing shortages now all those people who bought the thing 2-3 days/months ago may get pissed if they find out the Wii 2 is coming next year.
I know i would.
But still i love my Wii as it is.

26-11-08, 08:13 PM
i just hope that nintendo releases all of its big guns before movin on. WHERE THE HELL is a Star Fox game and a proper Donkey Kong Country.

26-12-08, 09:19 PM
actually i have been surfing the web and found out that sony isnt planning on a new console. they said that a plastation home will probably be out until by 2016. xbox 720 also isnt hurrying about it since both xbox 360s and ps3s graphics and gameplay will last for a few more years. nintendo's graphics are a little out dated and thus, they are hurrying it up and plannont to release it between 2010 and 2011

27-12-08, 04:49 PM
Well as long as Nintendo's raking in money from its Wii Sales, I doubt it that they'll unveil a new console in 2009. Although they COULD provide us an updated Wii along the lines of a DSi.

If thats what they aim to go then you can already expect better motion controls (Since the Wii will be getting its own motion control peripheral known as the Wii Motion+).

And HD cant be ruled out either, since its gotten cheaper to implement that technology now as compared to back then in 2006. Nintendo actually WAS initially interested in putting HD technology into the Wii, but cost constraints held them back from implementing it.

Btw, 2009 is gonna be a great year for Wii as regards hardcore gaming.

Madworld, The Conduit, Sin and Punishment 2, Deadly Creatures, Tenchu 4, Fatal Frame 4, Cursed Mountain, Sonic and the Black Knight, Trace Memory 2, Cosmic Walker, GhostBusters: The Video Game, Klonoa: Door to Phantomile, OverLord: Dark Legend, The House of The Dead: OverKill, Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop, Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom (Im hopeful this might get a Western release!), Fragile, Muramasa: Demon Blade, Final Fantasy Crystal Chrocicles: Crystal Bearers, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Echoes of Time, Kizuna, Dynamic slash, Little King's Story, Rune Factory: Frontier, Valhalla Knights: Elder Saga, Monster Hunter 3, Monster Hunter G, Arc Rise Fantasia, Pro Evolution Soccer 2009, Endless Ocean 2, Sky Crawlers: Inncoccent Aces, Sadness, Spyborgs, Guitar Hero 5, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Bleach: versus Crusade, Let's Tap, Tales of X, Dragon Quest X, Red Steel 2, Tiger Woods 2010, EA Tennis, Boom Blox 2, DIRT 2, Phantom Brave Wii, TMNT Fighting game, Ready 2 Rumble Revolution, Sam and Max Season 2, No More Heroes 2, Some huge announcements from EA and Konami.

These are all Third-party releases stated for 2009, and I havent even mentioned Nintendo's games there!

Punch Out!!!, Pikmin 3, a new Zelda game (Well miyamoto-san did assure us that its being developed), Wii Sports Resort (With MotionPlus controls), a new Intelligent Systems game, a new Retro Studios game, and not to forget the long rumored Kid Icarus game too.

And then theres Wiiware releases too! All of these are hardcore games! (Except for 2 to 3)

Who says Wii is just for casual audiences only?? :D

27-12-08, 05:12 PM
Nintendo wont launch another console as they have have fastest selling consoles in the world with two exotic technologies ::

DS with two screens and stylus
Wii with Wiimote and Nunchuk give an unbelievable experience

27-12-08, 06:10 PM
U knw im a Nintendo fan so if the price is gud and is gud by its features rite now its time for PS3 to b bought but hv to wait until result which is JUN 09 :(