View Full Version : Photoshop challenge, who's up for it ?

19-06-08, 10:35 PM
here's the challenge, can someone successfully animate old snake's face over the face in my current avatar ? or put a solid eye, bandana and a mustache on it so it looks like old snake ?

WHILE keeping it animated.

well ? time to put your money where your mouths are are all you so called animation experts.

19-06-08, 11:00 PM
I haven't done much work on gifs so far. Maybe reaper can help you out here.

19-06-08, 11:07 PM
I can do it easily in just few minutes time but I want to see someone else doing that :P

19-06-08, 11:11 PM
i am on it!

19-06-08, 11:12 PM
it has to look good and match PG's avatar limits :P

also, for extra points make sure snake has a ciggerete in his mouth.

19-06-08, 11:20 PM
well if does take few minutes please show us inferno-sama!

dont hate me for this but i havent played metal gear solid except for 1 part, if u could provide the picture of old and new snake , i could try :)

although im really new to animation and i have never used photoshop

19-06-08, 11:24 PM

old snake .



solid snake ..

19-06-08, 11:33 PM
well if does take few minutes please show us inferno-sama!

If you are thinking I am only "Phaking" or saying bullshit then I can only give the hint, though I can see that from your avatar that you do know how to use the gif animator..don't ya? typical desi heh? anyway!!!!

- That avatar contains 12 frams in total, out of which you'll need only 9-10 frames..

- So you just need to work on the 9-10 frames (copy/paste)..that's it!

- How will you actually separate these frames? just download any good GIF animator like from Ulead and it allow you to extract and re-combine the frames :)

Don't ask me how to edit in the photoshop! if you don't know that then this isn't the topic for you ;)

19-06-08, 11:43 PM
thanks for the info inferno

and btw http://www.thesnakesoup.org/myths/mgs4-1/oldsnakebg.gif doesnt look like old snake for some reason

19-06-08, 11:46 PM
damn hot linking, just google image the term old snake, you'll find millions of them ..

also, less discussion and more photoshopping guys !

20-06-08, 12:08 AM
bow to the masta! old snake pwns all!

20-06-08, 12:17 AM
holy shit that fucking rocks lol

unless someone can top that i found my new signature

ps. reaper, can you please put a ciggerette or something in his mouth too ? it doesn't have to be a "real" ciggerette, just a line which looks like a ciggerette (burnt at the end) would work too ..

20-06-08, 12:22 AM
reaper did it again :D good work m8!

20-06-08, 12:22 AM
this pic is already 35k is size adding the cig might increase its size...wait for like 10mins...

20-06-08, 12:37 AM
here you go
lol! snake looks bad ass!

20-06-08, 12:39 AM
oh maay GAWD thats fucking awesome

thanks a million reap !

20-06-08, 03:38 AM
so easy man its nt hard work