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  9. Kingdom Hearts DSi bundle launching May 30 in Japan
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  11. GTA : Chinatown wars is Really Good
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  15. Florida teen finds rocks in Nintendo DS box ! haha
  16. Ds charging probem hlp plz
  17. Metaforic unveils new anti-copying measures for DS games
  18. A Question About The DS
  19. Pokemon Gold/Silver Remakes Feature Hot Walking Action
  20. Nanashi no Game 2 trailer will creep you out !
  21. Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver hitting Japan Sept. 12
  22. DS Online For PG!!!
  23. need some help regarding DS
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  25. Final Fantasy Gaiden Details Divulged
  26. Dragon Quest IX Coming In Three Days
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  28. shorts DS GAME ( attention ) :)
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  30. whats DS price?
  31. !!! NDS Buddy !!!
  32. New Okami Title Announced for The DS !
  33. TMNT Arcade Attack assails DS this holiday
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  35. Scribblenauts!!!! Realease on NDS!!!!!
  36. CycloDS
  37. Price of Nintendo DS / Gameboy Advance in Karachi ?
  38. Report: nintendo releasing bigger screened DSi in japan !
  39. I need DSI Points
  40. HELP! Ez Flash 3in1 Ezpansion Pack not read
  41. DSi Or PSP 3000
  42. A dsi for 16k: rip off?
  43. A few questions before buying Nintendo DSi
  44. [RUMOR] HD NDS with Motion Sensor in Development
  45. DSi XL UK release date revealed - March 5th 2010
  46. DSi XL Coming on March 28 for $189.99
  47. DSi XL Versus iPad: The Battle of the Bigger Versions
  48. Scribblenauts 2 revealed for DS
  49. Nintendo Hints At New DS Cartridge Design
  50. Miyamoto wants to get DS into classrooms (with permission)
  51. DS slim EZ flash vi problem
  52. r4i crack card of ds need help
  53. Nintendo Announces and Dates New Pokemon Games for Japan
  54. Need Advice on DSi pricing
  55. Hey!...Why Should The Psp Guys Have All The Fun?
  56. Rumor: Image of 3DS motherboard submitted to FCC leaked
  57. Suda 51 has 'many ideas' for 3DS
  58. Nintendo DSi Price Cut Coming This Month
  59. Rumor: 3DS Allows Game Installs?
  60. The truth Mario Kart 3DS reveals...
  61. Nintendo 3DS Technical Specs Revealed
  62. Resident Evil 3DS Debut Trailer OMG I WANT A 3DS LIKE YESTERDAY !!!!!!
  63. REGGIE: 3DS to hit major markets by 2011 march !
  64. Iwata: 3DS Capable of 3D Video Chat
  65. Noob Questions Regarding Nintendo DS
  66. 3ds
  67. KID icarus uprising on 3DS !
  68. THQ: "3DS fixes Nintendo's piracy problem"
  69. Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels Of The Starry Skies
  70. Metal Fight Beyblade: Bakugami Susanoh Shuurai!
  71. One Piece: Gigant Battle Announced.
  72. Is the new nintendo dsi xl better or the psp 3000
  73. Nintendo reveals DS Q3 line-up
  74. Official DS/3DS availability and upcoming games THREAD !
  75. Tales Of Innocence!
  76. The Maemo Handheld Owners Club
  77. Ghost trick footage !
  78. Nintendo's 3DS INFO
  79. Nintendo: 3DS release date, price to be announced at September 29th
  80. Call Of Duty: Black Ops Coming November! (First Screenshots Revealed!)
  81. More Details About Nintendo 3DS Kingdom Hearts Game
  82. New info and screens from SSF4 3DS version
  83. Tetsuya Nomura Wants To Make A Sequel To The World Ends With You.
  84. enjoy YOUR massage and, my aquarium 2 !
  85. The world ends with you SEQUEL !
  86. Pokemon black and whites map revealed !
  87. Sprouse Brothers Do A Pokemon HeartGold & SoulSilver Commercial.
  88. Pokemon DPPT, HGSS, BW Discussion, Trading & Battling Thread!
  89. 3DS's Glasses free 3D explained
  90. My DS-Lite Just Got Skinned!!
  91. Pokemon Ranger: Guardian Signs - Release Date Announced.
  92. The Mega Nintendo 3DS FAQ Thread - What we know so far.
  93. Naruto Shippuden: Naruto VS Sasuke
  94. [Rumor] 3DS to launch in Japan on 22nd of March
  95. FF3 LEGEND remake on the DS
  96. PAX capcomss lineup megaman universe
  97. Purchasing NDS in ISlamabad complete with flashcard
  98. I want to Buy Super Card DS Two or EZ Flash 3 in 1. I prefer Used Conditions!
  99. Rumor: 3DS arriving in Japan this November
  100. Capcom and Their Awesome 3DS Engine
  101. New DSI XL colours coming to europe ! oct 8
  102. MGS 3 snake eater slithers onto 3ds 2011
  103. GameStop Adds 3DS, Games & Accessories To Their Systems; Sets A 22/11 Release Date.
  104. [Rumor] 3DS May Be Capable Of GameCube & Wii Ports.
  105. Engadget Hands On Footage Of The 3DS!
  106. Nintendo 3DS Specs Leaked !
  107. November 11 3DS launch date leaked?
  108. 3DS Launching Febuary 2010, Priced 25000 Yen (300$)
  109. New MGS 3DS Trailer
  110. Tales of the Abyss (not a PS2 port) Announced for 3DS
  111. Resident Evil Revelations & RE Mercenaries 3D Footage
  112. 3DS Could Feature Automatic Firmware Updates.
  113. Why Nintendo Made The 3DS So Powerful.
  114. Nintendo Aims to Fight Piracy with Automated Firmware Updates
  115. Kingdom hearts PREVIEW !
  116. Anyone Still Loves Gameboy Advance?
  117. New RE : Revelations Scan : YOU WALK AND SHOOT AT THE SAME TIME NOW !!!
  118. First Look At The 3DS Shop
  119. Two New Mario Games Confirmed.
  120. Atlus/TOMY Announce Naruto Shippuden: Shinobi Rumble
  121. One of lifes mysteries ! how pokemon got made !
  122. Mega man legends 3 team re-assures fans
  123. Dragon Ball Kai: Ultimate Butouden - Release Date & First Scan.
  124. My Personal Collection of DS and GBA games !
  125. RE Revelations 3DS Screens. OH MY GOD I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS IS ON A HANDHELD !!
  126. One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP Announced For 3DS
  127. Nintendo To Reveal 3DS Details On January 19
  128. 3DS Stolen From Chinese Factory ... lol
  129. Nintendo DS IS now best-selling CONSOLE ever IN US !
  130. FIRST details for 3DS NARUTO GAME !
  131. Eye doctors warn to stay away from 3DS !
  132. 3DS causes dizziness within 10 minutes of playing
  133. 3DS, Donkey Kong Country Returns, Bleszinski talks at GDC
  134. 3DS Launching in US/EU March 25th -- 249$$ .. More Revealed !
  135. Nintendo blasted for charging Brits more
  136. Nintendo Handheld question
  137. PG DS community ... I am dissapoint
  138. Nintendo 3DS Valentine Offer Drops Price to 167
  139. {WTB} HELP: EZ Flash Vi or AceKard 2i for DSi (Karachi)
  140. Super street fighter 3d REVIEW
  141. Nintendo 3DS REVIEW
  142. First spot-pass distributed doa costumes revealed
  143. DSLite giving me issues
  144. [CAPtivate 2011] Resident Evil: The Merceneries 3D - Summer 2011
  145. Finally got my Nintendo DS.. now what?
  146. market value of second hand DS Lite
  147. Does DS Lite still come in new or is it refurbished everywhere?
  148. 3DS/DS owners interested in online games, share friend codes here
  149. I want to buy a DS lite game
  150. Nintando 3ds friend codes
  151. Ocarina of Time 3DS BLOWOUT!
  152. Nintendo 3DS Streetpass
  153. Is 3ds available here
  154. A few questions about Nintendo 3DS
  155. Super Street Fighter IV 3DS Online Community
  156. Nintendo 3ds e-shop
  157. NINTENDO 3DS buying suggestions! Which version to buy U or E?
  158. Nintendo 3ds 2.1.0-3U R4I-3DS CARD Problem!
  159. DS Lite headphone.
  160. how to make netflix work on 3ds in pakistan
  161. how to make netflix work on 3ds in pakistan
  162. where to get 3ds from khi and all that I need to know
  163. 3DS Gets Major Price Cut! Down From $249 To $169
  164. Nintendo 3ds(used/1 week) for sale!
  165. Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, Street Fighter x Tekken could come to 3DS
  166. 3ds price cut and 20 free games!
  167. Help in The Lsat Window: Secret of Cape West
  168. Is Nintendo Working on a Redesigned 3DS?
  169. Cant play GBA games on my Fake R4i
  170. Anyboy else pickup the Free NES games 3DS Ambassadors?
  171. The 3DS Expansion Slide Pad and your thoughts was right MONSTER HUNTER TRI G
  172. 3ds system update + semptember surprise
  173. Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Trailer
  174. The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition is OUT for FREE!
  175. Suggest me flashkarts to buy for a 3DS / DSiXL
  176. first F1 2011 3DS footage
  177. Tales of the Abyss makes a Valentine's Day date with 3DS
  178. Super mario 3d land preview : new tricks
  179. Ice White 3DS, Monster Hunter Tri-G bundle coming to Japan
  180. Resident Evil Revelations reveals itself February 7
  181. French court bans DS 'game copier' devices
  182. [unboxing] my metallic red 3ds ! W00t
  183. List of 3DS Owners ON PG !
  184. Need for Speed: The Run (3DS) Footage
  185. 3D video recording and New 3DS firmware hits Europe on November 4
  186. Sonic Generations dashes to 3DS November 22
  187. Mario Kart 7's online and StreetPass features detailed
  188. Nintendo Direct trailers: Monster Hunter Tri-G, Kingdom Hearts 3D, more
  189. Smurfs save Capcom's financial blues
  190. Nintendo reveals eShop improvements: DLC, demos, PC/smartphone support
  191. Resident Evil Revelations Will Cost $50 ( WHAAT )
  192. The 3DS Drought is Over (So Stop Complaining)
  194. The how to 3ds THREAD BY arslanmasta
  195. Tekken 3D: Prime Edition screenshots
  196. Anyone Wanna Play Online with me?(DS/3DS Owners only)
  197. 3d effect (do you use it)
  198. Zelda, Mario LE 3DS Bundles Releasing This Week
  199. the 3ds update
  200. The Price of the 3DS
  201. Where to buy 3DS carts from?
  202. Nintendo 3DS extended slide pad add-on, first hands-on
  203. Resident Evil: Revelations - Survivor Gameplay
  204. Super Mario Land 3D ! OT ( yes marios back AND IN 3D )
  205. Nintendo Announces final list of GBA ambassadors games
  206. Ambassador program
  207. 3DS Messaging | Out now in All Regions!!!
  208. One Piece Unlimited Cruise SP Gets European Release Date, Bundle, Pack Shots
  209. Metal Gear Solid Snake Eater 3D Accessory Set coming to Japan
  210. Need a new battery for DS Lite ... Any suggestions?
  211. 2011 the end of DS games?
  212. Official Share your friend Codes here THREAD !
  213. Rayman Origins 3DS brings beauty to Europe on March 16, still no NA launch date
  214. DS best handheld for adventure games?
  215. {OT} Resident evil: REVELATIONS ( back to its ROOTS + more )
  216. "Nintendo Network" Logo Spotted On Final Fantasy Theatrhythm for 3DS
  217. Pokemon Black & White for EZ-Flash Vi
  218. New Super Mario 2D Game Coming to Nintendo 3DS
  219. 3d Vdeos for Nintendo 3ds
  220. Need info about the 3DS
  221. Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Japanese Box Art Revealed
  222. 3DS Hits 5 Million Sales in Japan, Sets Record
  223. I'm sharing new Swapnote Stationary
  224. Kid Icarus: Uprising's Multiplayer Modes Detailed
  225. List your current and future 3DS games! (Carts & eShop)
  226. Xenoblade Chronicles Devs Working on 3DS Title
  227. Capcom, Sega and Namco Team Up For Mystery 3DS Game
  228. Pokemon: Black Version 2 and Pokemon: White Version 2 Confirmed
  229. Awesome Cobalt Blue Fire Emblem 3DS Headed to Japan
  230. Hundreds of Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Cards Fighting on a Tabletop Near You
  231. 3DS Moves 4.5 Million Units in First Year in U.S. Market
  232. Punch-Out!! Comes to Nintendo 3DS in this Week's eShop Update
  233. No DS/DSi FAQ thread?
  234. Mecha games
  235. Culdcept 3DS to get "Completely Revised Graphics", Additional Cards
  236. New Kingdom Hearts 3D Screens Abound
  237. Spirit Camera: the cursed memoir !
  238. 3DS Epic Mickey Coming This Fall; Confirmed on Cover of Latest Nintendo Power
  239. Kid Icarus Soars, Lands Atop Week 12 Japanese Charts
  240. Need info for my son who has DS Lite, Gamers please help
  241. Pokemon Generation 0 is Actually Happening
  242. Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Dominates Japanese Charts
  243. Pokemon Conquest Coming Stateside in June
  244. WHere can i buy 3ds games european PAL games in lahore
  245. Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance coming to NA on the 31st of July
  246. Nintendo, Joel McHale Team Up in Subtle 3DS Ad
  247. The World Ends With You Getting a Sequel?
  248. New Super Mario Bros. 2 Announced
  249. Nintendo 3DS Firmware Update Adding Folders, Game Patches
  250. A visit from reggie fil aimes on the USA 3ds