Wajhi speaks with Maciej Binkowski from techland – the makers of the acclaimed Call of Jaurez & Dead Island series – who’s one of the devs currently working on Dying Light. We try to find answers to questions such as the enermy response, how resource managment and save havens work and if it does 1080 @ 60 FPS.

As dangerous as the world of Dying light is there are a few safe havens where you won’t get mauled by the undead and where you can get missions and bring back the people you save while exploring the area, there’s a very strong emphasis on survival and you need to acquire resources and weapons to advance in the game. And Survive you must, as Zombies arent your usual unreactive zombies. They dont just run upto you, they will charge and they will try to bite and kill.

Also the dev was shy on saying the actual resolution and FPS, but said they are trying to achieve stable 1080 @ 60fps.

Dying Light will be coming out on Feb in 2015, it will be releasing on PC, XBOne, PS4, XBox 360 and PS3, they’re targeting 1080/60FPS for the PS4 and XBOne.

By : Arkonov , NaNoW

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