Destiny, when first showcased at Sony’s E3 2013, was met with mixed impressions among the gaming fans. Conceptually, it seemed grand. Visually, it screamed Halo. Mechanically, it swore allegiance to Borderlands. But most importantly, people just weren’t impressed. With Bungie’s pedigree and more than 4 years of development, expectations were high. More than a year went by, and each piece of media henceforth released just kept falling short of mindblown.gif

But all that changed once Bungie let loose a surprise pre-alpha build of the game to the public. And the opinion of the community changed faster than Microsoft’s move to ditch DRM. It felt as if Bungie had been silently listening to each criticism for a year while grinning from ear to ear. They held on to their resolve and were confident in the grandeur of Destiny.

With less than 3 weeks to release, we met up with Bungie’s Lead Multiplayer Designer in Cologne at Gamescom ’14 to talk about what we can expect more from the final game.

PG: How many planets will there be to explore?

Bungie: So in the initial release, there’s the Earth, Moon, Venus and Mars as the main destinations.


PG: There were rumors about there being 9 plants in Destiny. Is that true?

Bungie: Well the solar system has many planets but your story starts at Earth and goes to (the moon), Venus and Mars.


PG: Was Old Russia the only place on Earth for exploration?

Bungie: In the initial release, yes.


PG: So there’s a possibility that….

Bungie: Well we’re gonna be expanding the universe too, as we’ve announced “The Dark Below” as our first expansion pack. So we’re gonna be constantly expanding overtime.


PG: Are there more than 1 raids?

Bungie: Again, we’re gonna be constantly expanding. There will be 1 raid in the first release and we’ll be adding more in the future.


PG: Can we expect more raids as DLC?

Bungie: Well we’re not thinking about DLC. But with our expansion packs we’re going to expand every aspect of Destiny. So there are more story missions, more strikes, raids, crucible maps, armor, gear, all that stuff.


PG: How exactly will the expansion packs affect the world of destiny. Will it simply add more activities or will we see new places to go to?

Bungie: Both. We’re gonna expand in all directions.


PG: Will more classes be added later on?

Bungie: Possibly. We’ll see what the fan reaction is post-launch and we’ll be reacting to what our player behavior data suggests.


PG: In the beta, there were very few story missions set on Earth. Will there be more?

Bungie: Oh yes. What you saw was just a small slice of the game.


PG: Last question. We’ve seen you talk about having a 10-year commitment to Destiny. With all the games that release every year, do you guys think you’ll be able to keep up with the competition?

Bungie: Well, that is our plan. We’ve made a multi-year commitment to this game. Unlike our previous games, we’ll be constantly evolving and expanding it (some of which you saw happen in real-time during the beta). This time we’ll be reacting more swiftly to player behavior and keep everything fresh.


Destiny releases September 9th on Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One and PS4.


By: Usuf, Wajhi

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