Matchmaking, increased party chat count, and more are some of the proposed features that Sony may be working on.

A new PlayStation survey has surfaced and asks users whether a number of proposed features would be very appealing or unappealing.

The survey, posted by VGXNetwork, mentions the following features:

Player reputation system based on a user rating system
Advanced matchmaking system (to help pair you with players at your skill level or player preference)
Ability to chat across PlayStation Platforms (i.e., with PS3 or PS Vita users)
Ability to change your PlayStation username
Ability to be invisible; see who is online without broadcasting the fact that you are online
Ability to party chat with more than 8 people at a time
Synchronization of messages across platforms, so that PS3/PS Vita messages all appear on PS4 and vice versa
On-screen notifications when your friends come online

Some features are already on Xbox Live, for example, being able to change an Xbox Live gamertag for a $10 fee. There's no indication whether Sony will follow up on all these proposals since it's just a survey, but it's good to know that Sony is looking for feedback and consideration to improve elements of the PlayStation Network.

Source: VGXNetwork