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    Thread: Booting the PS2 (slim) off the memory card

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      I am:

      Rawalpindi, PK
      My Consoles
      PC , PS3 , PS4

      Booting the PS2 (slim) off the memory card

      OK so i got a new PS2 slim (SCPH-90006), and i've spent all night scouring ps2 exploit and hacking sites, burning my rewritable discs to make my ps2 boot from the memory card.
      So far its a fail.

      Although I do have made some progress and been able to write some ps2 games to my USB Flash drive 4GB, and then make another bootable disc of USBAdvance and now i can see the games from USB when i boot the ps2 with USBAdvance cd.

      Since the bad habit i have, i'm gonna keep trying different ways untill my ps2 bows to me :P
      i'll be constantly updating this thread.

      May be in the end this thread my be of use to anybody with a PS2 slim wanting to run backups without the game discs inside. (The ps2 slim hdd installation guide is severely short in the stickies so i hope i can add something that might elaborate the process a bit more)

      If you own a ps2 slim and have anything to suggest, please do so. thanks

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      I am:

      Rawalpindi, PK
      My Consoles
      PC , PS3 , PS4
      update, ok tried a bootable dvd image of uLaunch.elf to check my ROMver , unfortuanately i've got the SCPH-90006 which has the updated v2.3 BIOS, where sony disabled booting from memory card so mcBoot won't work on it



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