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    Thread: The Movies Thread II: Watch, Discuss and Have Fun!

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      PG Xtremist
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      Quote Originally Posted by necrokiller View Post

      MIND = BLOWN!

      What a fantastic movie! One of the best movies I've seen in a LONG time. Christopher Nolan never disappoints. DiCaprio is as good as ever. Brilliant story, well-acted all around. The ending was just amazing. Can't wait to watch it again in blu-ray.
      now i will have to wait for bluray.... 3 months at least

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      The Living Legend
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      It is always best to wait for a BLu Ray Rip of an Superb Movie!
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      PG Xtremist
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      The Losers (2010)

      I think people are being too hard on this movie. It's a big shiny explosions movie, with nothing especially new plot wise, to be sure, but who goes to action movies for plot? Some great locations, good editing (also nice marriage of comic book style to live action style in the credits),decent soundtrack.

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      I am:


      Never Back Down has really impacted me through the awesome OST
      Seriously... I mean just give a listen to this song

      I wish of seeing Never Back Down again, i hope they make a not so ruined up sequel soon

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      Closer To The Edge
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      what do you get if you get Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade and Rob Schneider in a single movie

      Spoiler: show

      AHA some movie so much fun in this
      after long time this was the one which gave some reall laugh and funi mean really some laughable jokes and moments and kept me hooked from start till end

      rating: 9/10

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      Shingeki No Boobies
      PG Emeritus
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      9/10 Best super hero impression movie eva. Awesome movie in every way and funny as hell.

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      PG Xtremist
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      Death at the Funeral (2010)

      not like so much because expect more to this movie, Trailer looks hilarious but movie's not


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        YanZZah's Avatar
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      PUSH (2009)

      BRrip version. movie was just satisfactory. movie picturised in Hong Kong. Movie kinda "Heroes, Blade Runner". had some flaws in the storyline plus lil bit boring in the mid. end was good and the only thing i like 'bout the movie was the effects, though not too much but where there supposed to be some they showed it. Camilla Belle ... what the heck? she was taken for a role where she had to talk less .... i was expecting more outta this movie. oh, well what can i say more ... ya i remember .. Toyota Camry in the movie ... no Audi's, Merc's, Chevy's ... that i liked it.

      Rating: 5.5/10
      Last edited by YanZZah; 18-07-10 at 08:15 AM.

      :: A picture tells a thousand words, but sound tells a thousand pictures ::

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      Wow Cantt
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      Body of Lies

      Bloody brilliant movie. Loved every bit of it. Keeps you engaged. This movie is a must-watch for all DiCaprio fans.
      Director is Ridley Scott, so the presence of Russell Crowe is no surprise

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      PG Xtremist
      I am:

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      PC , XB360 , PS3
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      saw Knight and Day in the cinema today, i enjoyed the movie and i think it was worth the money spend i would give it 7.5/10



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