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    Thread: Ozone Radon 5k Mouse, Oxid Headset & Exposure Mousepad

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        OS: Windows 7 x64

      Ozone Radon 5k Mouse, Oxid Headset & Exposure Mousepad

      Ozone Gaming Peripherals


      OZONE Gaming Gear, based in Europe, is a maker of gaming peripherals that revolves around the concept “It’s all about Evolution”.

      In recent years, gaming industry have been developed into a competitive arena and the gamers have also developed into a more demanding, sophisticated and exigent consumer. OZONE is committed to the development, engineering and evolution of innovative gaming peripherals with a unique style and the best performance, to allow gamers to exceed their limits and become the best.

      OZONE Gaming Gear provides a wide range of gaming peripherals like mouse, headsets and mouse pads.

      Today, we’ll be having a look at three of their gaming peripherals:
      • OZONE Radon 5k Laser Gaming Mouse
      • OZONE Oxid Gaming Headset
      • OZONE Exposure Rigid Gaming Mousepad

      Let’s start with looking at the package and the contents.

      Packaging and the Contents:

      We’ll start with Radon 5k gaming mouse.

      - OZONE Radon 5k Laser Gaming Mouse:

      Radon 5k gaming mouse comes in a clear plastic clam shell which gives a nice look of the mouse stiffly packed inside. It has OZONE’s traditional black, white and red theme all over.

      Back of the packaging outlines some of the main features of the mouse.

      First thing I noticed right after taking it out of packaging is that this mouse is quite big as compared to what it looked like in pictures. It is designed to fit perfectly in your right hand; yes it’s only suitable to right hand users.

      On the right side of mouse, you’ll notice some curves which are made to place your ring finger. Some of you may not like it but I felt really comfortable with it.

      Left side of the mouse has a fairly large grove to fit your thumb in it. It has this texture which is to make sure that you don’t lose grip of Radon 5k while gaming hard. Right above the grip, there are two buttons which can be conveniently pressed with thumb. They can be programmed to do anything through the included software.

      Back side of mouse has OZONE logo in red color. It gives the mouse a really cool look.

      Here you can clearly see that OZONE Radon 5k has two main buttons which go half way along the length of mouse. Scroll wheel can be found in its traditional location. Behind the scroll wheel there Is a rocker button to switch between four different DPI setting on fly. Along with DPI rocker, you’ll notice another little button which can be used to change user profiles on fly.

      Top right side of the mouse has this little display which shows that what DPI setting is being used. You can switch between four DPI settings. They are shown by red bars.

      At the bottom of the mouse, you’ll notice a 5600DPI Laser. It’s the Philips PLN 2032, exactly same is used in some other mouse like Razer Naga and Mad Catz Cyborg RAT-7 etc. Other than that we have a cable management system, weight adjustment system and 5 low friction pads. Cable management is a wise move by OZONE, really appreciated. One thing I didn’t like is the sticky material sneaking out from laser sticker and low friction pads; it really gives a bad impression about the quality of the mouse.

      Once you open the weight management lid, you’ll notice that you can install up to five 4.5g weights.

      OZONE Radon 5k comes with a nice braided sleeve and gold plated USB connector to reduce any kind of lag. Cable is 1.5m long; it should be enough for most of the setups.

      Radon 5k mouse came with following accessories:
      • Mouse Bag
      • Weight Bag
      • User Manual
      • Software Disc

      - OZONE Oxid Gaming Headset:

      OZONE Oxid comes packed in a sophisticated black, red and white cardboard box. Front has almost no info about the headset but it has a picture of the headset. A little sticker on the right top side of box tells that it’s second revision. Frankly speaking I have no idea what changes they have made from first revision.

      Front panel of the box opens up to reveal the actual headphones. I really liked this touch.

      Back of the box has some traditional info about the product and a couple of pictures explaining different parts of the headset.

      The headset comes packed in this cardboard stand kinda thingy, once again I really liked it.

      OZONE Oxid has a soft, matte black finish and a nice texture to it. However, it’s really prone to dust.

      The headset is quite bulky but to my surprise its really light and the plastic used is really durable and sturdy.

      Both the ear cups are adjustable to some extent and both of them have OZONE logo on outer side.

      Ear cups are padded with leathery material which is really comfortable and soft. They are designed for a closed listening experience.

      Head band also has a very soft material attached to it.

      OZONE Oxid’s microphone comes out of the left ear cup, its flexible and it glows you turn it on.

      OZONE Oxid has a very stylish and handy in-line controller. It offers full sound and audio mixer controls along with microphone control and the ability to turn on Windows Media Player.

      It comes with a gold plated USB connector and a 3m long cable. Braided cable like mouse would have been a nice addition.

      - OZONE Exposure Rigid Gaming Mousepad

      OZONE Exposure comes in a simple plastic packaging which shows almost whole mouse pad from front side. Once again everything is themed in red, black and white.

      Back of the packaging describes different features of the mousepad in a couple of different languages.

      Exposure mousepad features same theme as all other OZONE peripherals; red, black and white.

      Top surface is made up of micro texture coating for extreme smoothness. Mouse easily glides all over the mousepad very easily. OZONE Exposure mouse pad is 255mm long, 305mm wide and 2mm thick.

      It has a rubber base which makes sure that mousepad sticks with your table even when you are gaming aggressively.

      Specifications and Features:

      - OZONE Radon 5k Laser Gaming Mouse:
      • Professional gaming laser sensor Philips PLN 2032
      • 8 buttons (7 programmable)
      • Adjustable resolution from 100 to 5600 DPI
      • Accurate and predictable motion reporting up to 1m/s
      • Macro and Script functions
      • USB full speed
      • USB report rate with 4 selectable levels (1000 Hz Max.)
      • Hardware data saving technology
      • Included Software for personal configuration (Windows only)
      • Adjustable weight (includes 5x 4.5g weights).
      • Includes mouse bag and weight bag
      • Dimensions: 122.43 x 70.64 x 43.7 mm (length x width x height)
      • Weight: 135 +/- 5 g (with cable and weights)
      • Cable length: 1.5 m
      • Power consumption: <100 mA

      - OZONE Oxid Gaming Headset:
      • Mic Dimensions: ř6.0 x 2.8mm
      • Directivity: Omnidirectional
      • Impedance: ≤2.2KΩ
      • SPL: -38dB±3dB
      • Driver Dimensions: ř40mm
      • Impedance: 32Ω
      • Frequency Response: 20~20 kHz
      • Sensitivity (SPL): 96dB±3dB
      • Cord Length: ≥3.0m
      • Plug: USB
      • Net Weight: 310g

      - OZONE Exposure Rigid Gaming Mousepad:
      • Micro texture coating for precision,
      • Rigid layer for stability,
      • Thin cloth for comfort,
      • Rubber base for fixed position
      • 355 x 255 x 2 mm


      Ozone Radon 5k mouse comes with ‘Ozone Radon Gaming Mouse Customizations Software’. Actually, it isn’t installed as separate software; it’s just a 22MB self-executable file which can be opened to tweak different settings of the mouse. All the settings are stored in mouse’s in-built memory chip so it’s a great device for LAN parties. All your settings will be in your mouse, wherever you plug it it’ll load your setting. In case you want to change your settings you can copy the software file in a flash drive and take it with you anywhere you want.

      Ozone Radon software will show a screen with ‘no mouse’ indication initially but once you plug in the mouse it’ll load the following ‘Profile’ screen.

      You can change settings for each button separately. You can make 3 different profiles which will be saved in mouse’s memory; they can be changed by pressing the profile button on the mouse.

      Next tab is the named as ‘Config’ tab, this tab allows you to set upto 4 different DPI levels. They are changeable on-fly with the help of the little DPI rocker button on the mouse. I really liked this feature as you can set DPI levels according to your own preferences; in most gaming mouse DPI levels are pre-programmed and can’t be changed.

      You can also change USB report rate between 1000, 500, 150 and 150. It’s set at 1000 by default.


      - OZONE Radon 5k Laser Gaming Mouse:

      I have been using this mouse with the Ozone Exposure mouse pad for almost a month now. I found it to be really comfortable. It fits perfectly in hands, causing almost no fatigue even in long gaming or usual internet browsing tenures. All the buttons are conveniently placed even the on-fly DPI switch. This button is a shining feature of this mouse, changing sensitivity levels is a breeze. You can easily change the DPI according to your need even during the intense gaming action.

      The rubbery finish all over the mouse is a real treat. It gives you a better overall grip on the mouse and makes your
      gaming experience even more enjoyable.

      The buttons on the Radon 5k are incredibly responsive; they can go as fast as your fingers can click.

      - OZONE Oxid Gaming Headset:

      Being a USB headset, it’s just like any other plug-and-play device. There is absolutely no need for any drivers or optimizations. You just need to plug it in and windows will install the needed drivers at its own.
      Starting with the sound quality, the Oxid headset performed pretty well both in games and movies. The sound was really clear, with closed ear cups listening experience was clear without any external noises. The close ear cups also helped with insulating the headset’s own noise, even the person sitting next to you will be unable to listen what you are listening.

      Ozone Oxid head set was really comfortable with soft ear cups and soft leathery material on top to support head. The ear cups or the top part caused absolutely no sweating. Though I found one problem with ear cups, they are perfectly round which can be a problem from people with big ears.

      The microphone is very cleverly placed in Oxid head set. It comes out of the left ear cup so you can take it out when needed. It’s pretty flexible so you can set it according to your preference. Talking about the mic quality, I was not really impressed by it. There is a fair amount of distortion in it.

      The inline controller of Oxid headset is really handy. It features almost all the necessary functions you could think off. You can play/pause, mute, change volume, change track or turn on/off the mic from this little controller.
      Durability wise, Oxid seems to be sturdy enough to bear daily accidents or stretches. It’s made up of thick plastic. I am totally satisfied by its quality.

      - OZONE Exposure Rigid Gaming Mousepad:

      As the Ozone Radon 5k mouse I have been using this mouse pad for one month.

      At my first glance I was blown away by the smoothness of Exposure mouse pad. Radon 5k glides like a bungee jumper on this mouse pad. You just need to give it a slight push and it’ll go all the way to the other end of the pad.

      The bottom of the pad is perfect; it’s covered with plastic material having grippy texture. It really sticks to the table. There is absolutely no chance of mouse pad being slipped even during the most aggressive gaming moments. You actually need to pick up completely to move it.

      Final Words:

      - OZONE Radon 5k Laser Gaming Mouse:
      The Ozone Radon 5k is a great mouse. With on-fly DPI and profile switching capability, it gives you the freedom to change your setting without going back to desktop and fiddling up with the software. All the setting are stored in an on-bored memory chip and the carrying bad, both are great for LAN gamers.
      It retails for around 75USD, which can be high for some people but Radon 5k have all the features that this much money can offer like 5600DPI, 1000Hz report rate and weight adjustable system but the overall quality of mouse isn’t that pleasing. There is a lot of room for quality improvement.

      -- Pros:
      • Easy profile and DPI switch
      • Comfortable design
      • 5600DPI
      • Routable cable

      -- Cons:
      • Price
      • Quality

      - OZONE Oxid Gaming Headset:
      Ozone Oxid is a really good headset with great sound quality but mic quality is well below average. The recording was noisy and garbled.

      The inline controller is awesome. They controller is extremely useful, in fact the best I have ever seen.

      Furthermore, the plug-and-play feature comes is good, it comes in really handy if you are using a laptop or you don’t have a decent sound card in your PC.

      Overall the headset is comfortable except the ear cups that too for the people with big ears.

      Ozone Oxid goes for around 45USD, a great ‘headphone’ for its price, you can’t say it a headset due to mic quality. As a headphone, you get loads of feature and comfort level which is pretty difficult to find in this price range.

      -- Pros:
      • Great sound quality
      • Comfortable
      • Inline controller
      • Plug-and-play functionality
      • Retractable microphone

      -- Cons:
      • Bad mic quality
      • Small circular ear cups

      - OZONE Exposure Rigid Gaming Mousepad:
      Ozone Exposure offers everything you can wish you in a gaming mouse. It’s big, it’s smooth, it sticks to the desk, and it looks good, what else do you need?

      -- Pros:
      • Price
      • Looks great
      • Extremely smooth

      -- Cons:
      • Nothing I can think off
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      Nice Review
      headphone seems Good to me
      i didnt like the shape of the mouse

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      I think I'm gonna keep my Razer stuff. Great review though
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      Great Work Dude, Those peripherals look damn good!

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      Nice review AFQ,

      Headphone seems better than other stuff,
      All in all a good review in the end

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      very good!!! so it's basically a razer competitor with bit low price tag where is it available? the americas or europe?

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      Impressive. The mousepad looks pretty darn good.

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      WOW.. Yummy Stuff and great review as always.

      How much for the mouse and mousepad combo??

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      Great review! Though personally both the mouse and headphones look pretty cheap
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