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  1. Pakistan National Anthem - A Compromised Identity!?

    by , 24-12-14 at 03:13 PM
    What is a National Anthem? I often find myself asking this. Being 'philosophical' for a moment, its our identity, one umbrella to gather the nation under, a hope, a sign of pride ... blah blah yada yada. Surprised? I am too.

    Pakistan National Anthem - A PTV Classic

    So, National Anthem. I remember listening to this classic piece, having a magical effect on me, filling me with a discreetly motivational power which ...
  2. Ta'leem-o-Tarbiat - A stroll through Nostalgia

    by , 22-10-14 at 03:22 PM (Memoirs of a Cricket fanatic)
    Yes, I'm talking about that children's magazine which was (and still is) published monthly. "Ta'leem-o-Tarbiat "(ToT) was an important part of life during my childhood years. Ferozsons Ltd. claims it is children's first regular magazine ever published in Pakistan. And that claim might be true after all because this was the favourite reading pastime of every adult I know.

    Eagerly anticipating the postman to deliver it at the start of every month and finishing it in one sitting ...
  3. Spirit of Independence

    by , 12-08-14 at 08:34 PM (Memoirs of a Cricket fanatic)
    August 14, Pakistan's Yaum e Azadi, is two days away. Apart from the date, there's little indication from our surroundings that Independence Day is near.

    August 14th used to be a big occasion during my childhood years. I remember my grandfather taking us to the market and making us buy all sorts of things that were relevant to that special day. The market place used to, literally, become green when August started and there was so much variety to choose from. We were given a free ...

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    Personal Diary
  4. {Footprints | part 5 } Spooky

    by , 27-06-14 at 05:15 PM
    Hello my dear readers,

    I know, I know. This post is after such a long time. Alot has happened since my time in Germany, experiences of a lifetime. But those stories are for some other time.

    I wanted to narrate something different today, so here it goes. Okey, so what I am about to share with you, even I dont believe in. The thing is that I cant explain it and I have no clue how it is even possible. As I am an engineering masters student, my belief in Paranormal activity ...
  5. 40 winters ago

    by , 19-06-14 at 06:13 PM (Thoughts of the schizophrenic)
    I recently crossed my 40 year stay on planet earth. here are some updates.
    According to my country of residence's law i had to go through an "Over 40s" medical check.All results came normal except my Blood cholesterol which is a bit high. I don't eat much fat or fried food,and i am not over weight. Doctor says the high cholesterol is due to my high intake of sugar and not much physical activity as sugar intake needs to be consumed by physical activity or body releases insulin in ...

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