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  1. {Footprints | part 5 } Spooky

    by , 27-06-14 at 05:15 PM
    Hello my dear readers,

    I know, I know. This post is after such a long time. Alot has happened since my time in Germany, experiences of a lifetime. But those stories are for some other time.

    I wanted to narrate something different today, so here it goes. Okey, so what I am about to share with you, even I dont believe in. The thing is that I cant explain it and I have no clue how it is even possible. As I am an engineering masters student, my belief in Paranormal activity ...
  2. 40 winters ago

    by , 19-06-14 at 06:13 PM (Thoughts of the schizophrenic)
    I recently crossed my 40 year stay on planet earth. here are some updates.
    According to my country of residence's law i had to go through an "Over 40s" medical check.All results came normal except my Blood cholesterol which is a bit high. I don't eat much fat or fried food,and i am not over weight. Doctor says the high cholesterol is due to my high intake of sugar and not much physical activity as sugar intake needs to be consumed by physical activity or body releases insulin in ...

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  3. The art of learning

    by , 04-04-14 at 04:54 PM (Memoirs of a Cricket fanatic)
    This email was sent by a respected Professor to students of the Sciences batch in our university a couple of years back. Just came across it and considered it worthy of sharing.

    I would highly recommend students to go through it and try to understand the gist of the email. It's hard-hitting but very relevant to our times.
    Pasting it here in its original form

    ďA lot of students have been asking for past papers or practice exam questions for the mid term and final
  4. Chaand si bahu

    by , 12-03-14 at 05:41 PM (Memoirs of a Cricket fanatic)
    An oft heard comment in tv dramas and also, although less often used, in real life. A fool might argue that it refers to craters on the Moon but I highly doubt that.

    This age-old obsession with white skin is largely a Sub-continent thing. It's a trend in the UK and the US amongst expats that they prefer to marry a Caucasian Muslim-revert woman as opposed to one from his own community. In this part of the world, there's a race to trap a Chand si larki, be it for marriage or time-pass ...

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  5. My latest obsession

    by , 18-05-13 at 03:00 AM (Thoughts of the schizophrenic)

    For a guy in his early fourties its a bit odd to even look at toys (except those adult ones ) but hey,i live in a western country where nobody gives hoot about what you are doing (Actually they are nosy but good at pretending they don't care).
    So after a spell of stress and depression i started thinking of a way to distract myself from the routine life and many ideas came to the mind.
    First idea that came to my mind was to buy a multi barrel gun and shoot all the ...

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